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VueOps adopted the Forge platform to connect cloud-based facilities management with 3D models, equipment data, and enterprise systems.

VueOps helps customers maximize facility uptime by integrating their building information through an intuitive platform that optimizes facilities and the teams that support them. VueOps improves the workflow of managed equipment to save valuable time looking for information and planning the work. The time savings helps customers increase resource allocation to preventative maintenance, higher equipment reliability and profitability. VueOps’ visual platform uses intelligent, 3D models to enhance how even the most complex buildings operate.


Owners came to VueOps looking for practical ways to take advantage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in operations and maintenance. The 3D models used to construct the buildings contained a wealth of information, but they were difficult to link to operational data and enterprise systems. Plus, people without design experience had difficulty navigating the massive files. The VueOps team decided to develop a solution that provided model viewing, data management, and integration with enterprise solutions (such as work-order management systems).

How VueOps solved it with Forge

In the Forge development platform from Autodesk, VueOps found APIs that deliver a viewing and data foundation for the VueOps solution. The Forge Viewer API makes building models in a variety of file formats viewable as lightweight, 3D visualizations. Using the Forge Data Management API, VueOps manages data within the model. The Forge Model Derivative API provides a way for the VueOps team to separate model construction data from operational data—accelerating end users’ implementation process. How much time has Forge saved? Leaders at VueOps estimate that Forge has saved as much as 2 years of development time.

VueOps has used the time savings gained with Forge to do more than just go to market sooner. The VueOps team has been able to devote more time to high-value functionality, such as search-driven model viewing—a plus that lets users navigate large models very quickly. And with less time spent on basic development, VueOps can apply more resources to customizing the solution to meet customer needs. Take the University of Arizona (UA) as an example.

UA’s Facilities Management Department turned to VueOps to help manage warranty tickets. Facility managers can find manuals, specifications, and locations simply by searching or clicking through the building model. Workflows match UA’s preferences—and the cloud-based, intuitive solution makes processes mobile, faster, and more intuitive.

Forge highlights include the following:

  • Sped development time and accelerated time to market by as much as 2 years
  • Provided a way to link data from enterprise systems to 3D models
  • Freed VueOps team to devote more time to developing advanced features and customizations

"Forge helped us deliver on our promise to integrate building models with enterprise systems in the cloud as much as 2 years sooner than if we had developed from scratch."

Chidambaram Somu, Virtual Construction Manager, Product Manager, VueOps

VueOps application in use

APIs and Services

Data Management API
Data Management API
Model Derivative API
Model Derivative API

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