Streamline bidding and risk management

BuildingConnected’s family of products help contractors find reliable partners for every project during preconstruction. The product suite includes: 

  • BuildingConnected Pro, helping builders find the best bid and win more work 

  • Bid Board Pro, helping bidders manage their bid invites from one place 

  • TradeTapp, streamlining the subcontractor qualification process and mitigating project risk  

Automate bidding workflows with the BuildingConnected API 

With the BuildingConnected API, you can do more with your bidding data.  The API offers read and write endpoints that cover most of the key data objects across both BuildingConnected Pro and Bid Board Pro, as well as the query parameters necessary to cover expected workflows. With this API you can: 

  • Connect with Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Support ETL (extract, transform, and load) workflows
  • Integrate with 3rd party tools like CRM, ERP, Power BI, and more
BuildingConnected person in front of computer screen
BuildingConnected API

Connect qualification data using the TradeTapp API

With the TradeTapp API, you can access key qualification data to evaluate and mitigate subcontractor risk. Leverage the most up to date vendor data, such as demographic, contact, project, financial, safety, or insurance. With this API you can: 

  • Keep your CRM or ERP up to date with the latest subcontractor data 
  • Push key qualification data to business intelligence solutions such as Power BI 
  • Integrate with third-party tools to round out business workflows with powerful prequalification and risk data 

What can the BuildingConnected and TradeTapp API do for you?

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