What are the Manufacturing Data Model APIs?

Manufacturing Data Model is a way to store your manufacturing design data in the cloud, making it easily accessible. The Manufacturing Data Model APIs enable granular access to the data model.

You can read, write, and extend design data through cloud-based workflows, all this without the need for desktop authoring applications like Autodesk Fusion.

What are the benefits of the Manufacturing Data Model APIs?

Leveraging the power of the cloud, the Manufacturing Data APIs allow you to access granular, transparent data, rather than opaque data. Enjoy benefits such as:

  • A standardized collaboration model
  • Efficient data access and manipulation, no costly transfers or storage
  • The right data at the right time, reducing versioning overhead
  • The right data for the right people, so only needed data is exposed to collaborators

CIDEON enables better decision making with the Manufacturing Data Model

Manufacturers and engineers are able to glean valuable insights through CAD and ERP integration that's made possible with the Manufacturing Data Model.

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What can you do with Manufacturing Data Model APIs?

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