Getting to know and manage parameters with Autodesk

Almost every Autodesk application has their own mechanism to manage parameters (properties and attributes are the alternative name for the same type of constructs). Some applications let the customers define their own parameters & properties. For example, Revit uses a concept called shared parameters.

What is the Autodesk Parameters Services and Parameters API?

The Autodesk Parameters Service is a Platform Service that allows you to create, store, and manage access to the custom parameters or properties. The Parameters API is a programming interface to the service. Parameters Service is currently integrated into Revit and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Autodesk Parameters API organization and search capabilities

Parameters API enables you or your customers to organize parameters using Labels and Collections. The API’s search capability enables your customers to quickly discover specific parameters or narrow down suitable options for meaningful consumption. 

Add metadata to the parameters' definitions with the Parameters API

The Parameters API uses customizable metadata to make parameter definitions easy to find and use with your applications. Current API capabilities let you set default values for Revit Categories, type vs. instance, and property palette group that makes it easier to use them for Revit projects and families in a more standardized way.

Benefits of the Autodesk Parameters API

Parameters Service supports a wide range of capabilities that are available through the Parameters API

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