Manage BIM 360 Accounts, Projects, Issues, and Checklists

Use the BIM 360 Account Admin API to automate setting up projects, assign project admins, manage member and partner company directories, and synchronize data with external systems.

Create and track BIM 360 issues and BIM 360 checklists.

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BIM 360 Document Management Integration

Connect BIM APIs to access, upload, and share 2D plans, 3D BIM models, and any other project documents to maximize collaboration.

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View BIM 360 Models

View BIM 360 models in your own application using the Viewer.

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Become a BIM 360 Partner

Become part of the BIM 360 product ecosystem by leveraging BIM 360 APIs to build apps for the BIM 360 app store and start providing services to Autodesk customers.

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Get Started with Autodesk Platform Services BIM 360 API Resources

Check out our BIM 360 webinars and sample apps. 

Ready to Explore Autodesk Platform Services APIs Further?

BIM 360 APIs from Autodesk Platform Services give you access to core BIM 360 features and cloud services. Learn more about what you can create with BIM 360 and APS APIs.