Data Exchange Ecosystem

Use Data Exchanges to share your design data across the apps your team works with every day – without the hassle of importing and exporting entire design models.

Create, update, and manage your exchanges through Autodesk Docs – for published Revit models – or with our app connectors for more direct sharing from your favorite design apps, including Revit, Rhino, and Inventor. Select just the data relevant to the task, set permissions to manage access, and share away!

Data Exchange ecosystem

Built for Designers, Engineers, and Developers

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, computational designer, BIM manager, or software developer, Data Exchanges offer ways to streamline your work. Sharing between BIM and CAD apps – or stringing together data for advanced workflows – or crafting custom software integrations for others – find what you need here.


Data Exchange Connectors

Exchange data using our app connectors plug-ins tailored to the tool you use and the sharing patterns that support your cross-app and cross-team workflows.

Scroll down for our currently supported apps, including Autodesk Revit and Inventor, McNeel Rhino, and Microsoft Power Automate and coming soon, connectors for Autodesk Dynamo and McNeel Grasshopper. Check out our roadmap for connectors in development, and reach out for which connectors you'd like to see built or other suggestions you might have.

Simplify how you exchange data between Rhino and Revit

Keeping conceptual design decisions in sync with detailed design development has always been a challenge. Now you can easily move geometry and objects like levels, grids, floors, walls, and curtain walls from Revit to Rhino – or from Rhino to Revit – with the added bonus of object parameters too. That allows you and your team to stay on the same page with the latest changes to your model, in your app of choice, without sharing the entire design.

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Data Exchange: Rhino and Revit
Data Exchange: Power Automate

Streamline collaboration with Microsoft Power Automate

As a project, VDC, or BIM manager, you can unleash your team's productivity and automate everyday tasks with the Data Exchange Connector for Microsoft Power Automate without writing single line of code.

Easily share subsets of Revit data with Power Automate to connect into hundreds of apps, from Slack to Excel to Power BI. Set up automated notifications to your stakeholders, automatically extract schedule or bill of materials data to spreadsheets, check how your exchanged data complies with regulatory standards, and more.

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Share specific subsets of your Revit data with Inventor

Take advantage of more controlled collaboration between your AEC design team and manufacturing partners. Select and provide the design data your fabrication partner needs, protecting your design IP and reducing data noise. As you make changes to your Revit data, Inventor users get notified of changes to only the data that's been shared with them. And because Data Exchanges work across an ecosystem of tools, you can also bring in data from apps like Rhino too.

Data Exchange: Inventor
Data Exchange: Grasshopper

Amplify your collaborative workflows with Dynamo and Grasshopper

Many designers use computational tools like Dynamo and Grasshopper to not only drive complex models but also curate their designs for consumption in downstream apps and teams. With our Dynamo and Grasshopper Connectors, you can curate, share, and receive data from geometric to parameter data more easily and extend your workflows beyond point-to-point interoperability.

Use these connectors to send attachment points from Revit to apps like Rhino for façade design, or send a building's analytical frame structure to structural tools for further analysis, or even send tailored data back into Revit for curtain wall designation.

Data Exchange API

Want to integrate exchanges into your app? How about building your own or extending an existing app connector? As a developer, learn how our APIs, upcoming SDKs, and partner testimonials can help make your app integrations more streamlined for data sharing, so you and your teams can work better across the tools you use.

Ready to explore the Data Exchange API further?