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APS Data Exchange powers PowerPoint connector

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The India-based Centre for Computational Technologies, or CCTech, is a software company that helps companies improve their performance by automating workflows and enhancing productivity. CCTech’s 200 employees work in a range of industries including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), manufacturing, and the oil and gas sector. CCTech partners with the world’s leading engineering organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies.

The Challenge: Communication with non-technical stakeholders stunted by static models

Communication with non-technical stakeholders is often stunted by static models. Architects and engineers flatten their models into 2D images to share with collaborators who are focused on the business side of projects. But static images quickly become dated and lack the rich visualization that strengthens vision alignment, design intent, and decision-making. CCTech sought to connect 3D models directly to the tool of choice for business collaborators: PowerPoint.

The APS Solution: Bring live 3D model data directly into PowerPoint

CCTech used Autodesk’s Data Exchange SDK to build a connector that brings live 3D model data directly into PowerPoint. Designers use their design software of choice to push model geometry to the data exchange. The PowerPoint user fetches the data, which appears as an interactive model in the slide—no design software license or experience required. And slides receive notifications when design updates are in progress and ready to be refreshed. Autodesk Docs customers can use this connector today.  

The PowerPoint connector is interoperable with Autodesk and non-Autodesk software, including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Inventor, Grasshopper, Revit, and Rhino. This allows PowerPoint users to pull detailed model views from diverse stakeholders on even the most complex projects. CCTech plans to build out the connector to provide animation, assembly hierarchy, annotation, and other views of model metadata.

Learn more about the 3D Design Exchange Connector that is available on the Autodesk App Store.

Business outcomes:

  • 3D visualization and interactivity enable better communication on design vision
  • Elimination of file conversions and transfers saves users at least 10% of time
  • Real-time model syncing reduces errors

“Autodesk is doing a lot of the heavy lifting to make data easier to work with, and we’re excited to partner on new ways of working—ones that are more efficient and support everyone in the project lifecycle. This PowerPoint connector is just the beginning.” - Nem Kumar, Director of Consultancy, CCTech

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