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Dynamic dashboards improve collaboration, project delivery


LMN Architects is a Seattle-based architecture, urban design, and interiors practice with a transdisciplinary, research-based approach shaped by the particularities of each project. LMN teams regularly include a mix of architects, interior designers, urban designers, sustainability experts, and design researchers to match project vision with in-house expertise.

The Challenge: Build more efficient workflows for better collaboration, project delivery

LMN’s Tech Studio team saw the need to build more efficient workflows for better collaboration and project delivery. The transdisciplinary R&D team wanted to evolve beyond disconnected tools, data barriers, and 2D design documentation. The next step: Dynamic, 3D digital models and linked software solutions that enhanced workflows and enabled everyone in the design and make process to visualize their sophisticated designs.

The APS Solution: Interactive dashboards that connect tools, workflows, and collaborators

LMN developed interactive dashboards that connect tools, workflows, and collaborators. The Autodesk Platform Services Data Exchange API connected the modeling tools Rhino and Revit and the data visualization tool Microsoft Power BI, enabling LMN to get more mileage out of its models. The dashboards allow real-time viewing of model data, ensuring that everyone on a project has access to the information they need, when they need it. LMN used its dashboard-based solution in the design of a cladding system composed of 1,400 parts for an academic project in the Bay Area.

Business Outcomes: More efficient project delivery, better collaboration

  • Industry-leading project visualization drives project delivery efficiencies
  • Clearer and more efficient communication and collaboration with builders and fabricators
  • Data-driven solutions that redefine how the industry designs, builds, and collaborates

“Interoperability across software tools is a game-changer in enhancing our design process. Our dashboard-based solution aims to provide real-time, intuitive control of model data, replacing traditional drawing sets. It’s a leap forward in efficiency and clarity.” - Alex Woodhouse, Architect and Design Technologist, LMN Architects

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Data Exchange API

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