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Data Exchange API

Control, share, and connect your data across teams and apps

Share complete or selective 3D model data seamlessly across BIM, CAD, and other business applications so you can collaborate better with the tools you use. Manage your shared data through a common cloud environment, Autodesk Docs. Quickly query the data you need with our cloud API. For more advanced solutions, use our SDK to build custom software integrations that enable you to send and receive exchanged data.


Code samples


Get familiar with the Data Exchange SDK and see what you can build. This application will help you understand its implementation for UI and console-based environment.


Before you start, check prerequisites and other details in this guide.


Get step-by-step guidance to learn how you can complete the most common API workflows. Take a look at these first steps before getting started.


Propel your app and integration development with these resources.


Exchange data using our app connectors, plug-ins tailored to the tools you use and the sharing patterns that support your cross-app and cross-team workflows. You can download them from the Autodesk App Store.

Community and support

Whether you're an experienced Data Exchange user or just starting out, this is a good place to ask questions, share tips, connect, and learn from others.