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Flow Graph Engine API

Bring efficiency to 3D workflows through cloud-computing power

Automate, accelerate, and scale design processes with the Flow Graph Engine API. Offload heavy processing to the cloud, allowing for efficient handling of recurring compute tasks. Run multiple operations concurrently, such as creating complex Bifrost effects and simulations, while reducing overall processing time and keeping local resources free for other critical work. Use the API to upload input data, submit tasks, and monitor their progress. You can also control ongoing tasks and download output assets and logs for up to 30 days after completion.

Fundamentals and tools

If you're looking to explore the API further, here are some basic resources to get started.

Code samples

Explore practical examples that demonstrate specific API functionality implementation and build upon the existing code to customize it according to your needs.

Community and support

Whether you’re an experienced Flow Graph Engine API user or just starting out, this is a great place to ask questions, share tips, connect, and learn from others.