Supports aerial photogrammetry

The Reality Capture API leverages our latest desktop and cloud solution built for UAV and drone processes, ReCap Photo. You can add geo-based metadata by setting Ground Control Points (GCPs), selecting specific geographic coordinate systems, and tagging images with GPS information. The integration of this geo data results in accurate textured meshes, point clouds, and orthophotos. A reconstruction report details the level of accuracy.


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Supports camera captures for photorealistic 3D models

Through the Reality Capture API, digital photos from hand-held cameras are automatically registered and stitched to produce photorealistic 3D models. Example use cases include the capture of objects, building facades, and interiors.



Cloud computing

Cloud connectivity through the Reality Capture API on Forge offers a scalable solution, permitting the processing of up to 1,000 aerial or 300 hand-held images and the processing of multiple jobs concurrently while giving continuous, real-time updates.


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