Make drone-collected data actionable on AEC projects


Forge provided a way for 3DR to realize its vision using high-resolution images captured by drones to make site survey workflows 6 times more productive.

3DR helps the AEC industry use drones to capture site data and turn it into detailed maps and models. The company bases its product on Forge, which makes it easier to turn data into information that saves time and increases site safety.


The words “construction” and “inefficiency” are too often synonymous: Projects that run as much as 80% over budget and 20 months behind schedule are common. Site surveys that take days to conduct and weeks to turn into models don’t help. Construction firms see drone-collected data as an answer, but they need a fast, easy way to turn that data into useful maps and models.

How 3DR solved it with Forge

3DR developed a complete package to tackle the problem. It’s Site Scan: a drone-to-data platform that largely automates the data-collection process. With a planned flight path, the drone flies itself and captures high-resolution images. The 3DR team turned to Forge to create a path that quickly turns drone imagery into useful information. Forge makes it possible to bring drone-collected data to the cloud, where ReCap 360 reality capture software stitches the information into accurate orthomosaics, point clouds, 3D meshes, and more.

Forge highlights include the following:

  • Enabling topographic survey workflows that are at least 6 times more productive

  • Saving hundreds of hours of development team time

  • Releasing software enhancements months sooner thanks to faster development

“Forge is saving us hundreds of hours—months of work—by supercharging our ability to process, view, and distribute drone data to our enterprise customers.”

Kevin Mehall, Lead Software Engineer, 3DR

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Data Management API
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