Reducing risk and saving lives at the construction site

Construction uses machine learning to improve safety, productivity, and quality in the AEC industry. Its SmartTag Engine analyzes video and photo content, tags it, and syncs it with BIM 360™—saving time and reducing risk.


Architects, engineers, and contractors amass a large amount of photo and video content in BIM 360 over the course of a project—for example, from progress and quality inspections. However, little of it was being analyzed, except through time-consuming, manual methods. Project managers knew that photo and video content could yield insights on safety practices and prevent accidents, as well as track project milestones. But they lacked easy tools for storing, accessing, and analyzing video and photo content.

How solved it with Forge uses machine learning to view and analyze video and photo content. Its SmartTag engine tags content according to the project teams’ defined terms (such as “people,” “hardhats,” and “ladders”). uses the Forge platform to create connections between and users’ BIM 360 projects. Using the Data Management API, automatically pulls content from Forge and analyzes it. displays the same file structures that users see in Forge and BIM 360, making it easy to browse files and choose content to analyze.

Forge highlights include the following:

  • Existing photos in BIM 360 are aggregated and indexed automatically, eliminating time spent on manual organization and retrieval.
  • customer, Skanksa, was able to better meet critical project milestones, while also improving project safety. With the SmartTag system, they improved job site risk analysis by automatically tagging safety best practices and areas for improvement. 
  • Project managers can create centralized video and photo management strategies with easy workflows.

“We see an explosion of data in the AEC industry, and it’s a challenge to manage it all. We saw an opportunity to use Forge to extract value from that data, taking advantage of the power of machine learning.”

Josh Kanner, Founder and CEO,

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Data Management API
Data Management API

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