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FME uses Forge to power massive cloud migration and on-going cloud collaboration


Using the Forge platform, it took Safe Software just 2 months to build new data automation capabilities into the FME platform. 

Safe Software, creator of the leading spatial data integration platform FME, used the Forge platform to build an integration that lets users easily move terabytes of data into and out of the cloud without writing code.


As an early adopter of the Forge platform, Safe Software immediately recognized the opportunity it presented: the ability to quickly build a connector for Autodesk cloud software services into Safe's data integration platform, FME. This integration lets users move data between more than 350 formats without writing code.

How Safe Software solved it with Forge

Using the Forge platform, in just 2 months the Safe software development team was able to build the connector in FME so that Safe's software partner could help its client—one of Northern Europe’s biggest land developers—centralize terabytes of files in the cloud from a host of disconnected systems. Sweco used FME’s graphical user interface to build workflows in just 2 weeks (powered in the backend by Forge). This let Sweco efficiently and accurately upload, download, and list the land developer’s files in the cloud, in batch. After this initial use case, the FME platform and its capabilities are now available to other customers, enabling others to manage large file migrations efficiently, while at the same time maintain on-going version control and perform quality-assurance checks.

 “Using the Forge Platform, we built a fully functional connector to Autodesk cloud software services within our core product in under 2 months. This allows users to automate file migration into the cloud from local and web file systems without writing code.”

Iris Gutowski, Software Development Lead, Safe Software

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Data Management API

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