CCTech (2022)

Interoperability unlocked: 3 smart connectors moving data between software seamlessly

Design and Manufacturing

The India-based Centre for Computational Technologies, or CCTech, is a software company that helps companies improve their performance by automating workflows and enhancing productivity. CCTech’s 200 employees work in a range of industries including Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), manufacturing, and the oil and gas sector. CCTech partners with the world’s leading engineering organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies.

The Challenge: Translating data across solutions hindered productivity, created rework

Translating bulky design files across multiple software products and stakeholders was hindering productivity throughout the project lifecycle and adding rework at every stage. Information was lost each time a file was exported. Sifting through large data sets slowed workflows. Everyone from engineers to construction teams was investing time and money in digging for data in files instead of collaborating with each other. Designers were spending precious time on low-value work, adding to their mental loads.  Stakeholders needed seamless connections between solutions and automatically updated granular data that allowed them to see just their part of the project, not the entire design.

The Solution: Cloud-based connectors that move data between Autodesk products and to third-party software

CCTech used the Data Exchange API to build connectors between Autodesk products and to third party-products to improve collaboration and workflows and lighten designers’ mental loads. Each connector links disparate systems and breaks data into components that are interoperable and move fluidly, giving everyone across the project lifecycle the right data, right when they need it.

With CCTech’s PowerPoint Connector, designers can communicate their design intent visually by directly sharing Revit and Inventor models with PowerPoint. No more pasting screenshots of designs into PowerPoint to share concepts with non-technical stakeholders. Slides are automatically updated when the design itself is updated.

With a connector between Revit and Inventor, CCTech built a Solar Panel Configurator. A designer in Revit can share with a solar panel engineer in Inventor just the roof view and solar load requirements, rather than sharing the whole design. The engineer can configure the panels on the roof in Inventor, with their changes instantly updated within the roof’s design in Revit. This process eliminates data loss and time spent sifting through large files.

The Rhino Read Connector enables better collaboration between Revit and Rhino. Designers can create an exchange from an architectural model in Revit, sharing a slice of a design with collaborators in Rhino. Rhino users can pull that cloud-based data into Rhino as native elements, offering design teams more modeling flexibility, better control over their workflows, and new opportunities for downstream analysis and automation.

Business Outcomes

  • Less rework, fewer errors, bigger profits
  • Faster, more agile, and connected workflows
  • Enhanced productivity, more control
  • Simplifying the design process for sustainable building components

“This is just the beginning. We're starting with a few workflows that enhance productivity with Data Exchange. But data engineering will be a major part of our lives, so it’s the right time to invest in this. In the coming years data exchange will happen worldwide, across countries and continents, but as humanity goes into space, we could see Data Exchange going interplanetary.” - Sandip Jadhav, CEO and co-founder of CCtech

APIs and Services

Data Exchange API
Data Exchange API

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