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Intelliwave Technologies was formed in 2007 to provide the construction industry with software solutions that increase efficiency, productivity, and site safety through automation and unparalleled visibility. The firm’s flagship brand, SiteSense®, is a family of innovative web- and mobile-based software products designed for the identification and tracking of construction materials, equipment, and tools. Intelliwave serves customers globally on projects of all sizes in multiple industries, including oil and gas, power, chemical, mining, infrastructure, and buildings.


Construction projects consist entirely of materials and the equipment, tools, and people necessary to assemble them. Amassing and keeping track of these elements from project conception to installation and beyond is an enormous task, traditionally involving mountains of paperwork and multiple forms of communications between numerous teams. Inevitably, stakeholders struggle with missing materials, incorrect data entries, and time-consuming, delayed communications—causing lower productivity, overrun budgets, disruptive errors, and project delays. Intelliwave Technologies set out to nip this management challenge in the bud with its material management software system, SiteSense.

How Intelliwave solved it with Forge

SiteSense empowers project managers to create a secure, cloud-based, web and mobile material management environment accessible by all project stakeholders through online and offline mobile devices. Stakeholders use SiteSense to easily digitize the supply chain and track materials and inventory, as well as locate, manage, and maintain tools, equipment, and consumables. SiteSense also provides workface planning software that enables inventory constraint analysis, work-package progressing, and improved installation scheduling—all designed to increase productivity and keep projects on schedule.

With SiteSense, all project data is stored in a single, cloud-based location that makes it possible for users to track and update data in real time, enabling collaborative communication across disparate teams and locations. The impact on project efficiency is significant, with project visibility that results in faster and improved decision making, cash flow savings, minimized waste from reordering or lost material, and reduced equipment costs.

As longtime Autodesk users, Intelliwave knew that Forge was the right platform to increase data availability. Intelliwave uses the BIM 360 API to access projects’ engineering requirements and material needs, collecting data in a single, cloud-based system, making it available to users on their devices through SiteSense, eliminating the need for multiple systems. Click here for additional reference materials or to request a follow-up from Intelliwave and learn about their BIM 360 integration with SiteSense.  The Data Management API is used in an integration with Navisworks software, letting users condition project models based on inventory status stored in SiteSense. In the future, the firm plans to use the Data Management API to populate material needs documents from BIM 360 Docs Software, tying the model to procurement and inventory status, enabling the workface planning module to identify constraints. 

Internally, Intelliwave uses Forge to explore the types of functionality that could best benefit customers, resulting in a more effective use of development resources and significant time savings. Forge’s out-of-the-box functionality enabled additional savings by eliminating the need for company-developed APIs, and supporting quicker, easier integrations that can be brought to market much faster. An added benefit is that SiteSense customers gain confidence in the product as they see Intelliwave partnering with Forge, leading to increased use of SiteSense across their own organizations.

Forge highlights include the following: 

  • Saves significant developer time and cost 
  • Reduces integration time from a year to a month
  • Increases customer confidence, and widens solution use throughout organizations

“Customers gain more confidence in our solutions when they see we partner with Forge.” — Barry Peyton, Business Development and Strategic Partnership Manager, Intelliwave Technologies

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Data Management API

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