26 Oct 2015

Autodesk viewer in an 80's Maze game?

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I was at HackManchester last weekend with my colleagues from our Sheffield office where one of the teams created an 80's style game where you have to find your way out of a maze.

They generate a random maze and its 3D geometry and then transform it to STL which can be uploaded to our View and Data server. Then our viewer is used to show the maze and can be controlled by keyboard arrow keys or from an iPhone.

You can find the game here (best on Chrome) and the iPhone controller here 

We liked it so much that they got the Autodesk prize for it.

Congratulations Team PsyPeg, aka Pez and Ollie! :)

Our other two finalists were:

- Code a la Mode – Mol Vis Hack (molecule visualizer)

- Team Mayhem – Chars in the Eyes

The main stats of the event:


You can find a complete news feed of the hackathon including the links to the project videos of all the hackathon finalists at http://included.co/hackmcr2015


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