7 Aug 2023

You can now add collaborators to your app or transfer ownership to a colleague

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We’re excited to announce the release of the Add Collaborators and Transfer Ownership application features on Autodesk Platform Services. This new functionality improves collaboration between teams during application development and gives you more control over who can view and edit app information.

These features include three new roles:

  • Viewer allows a user to view the client ID, secret, and general settings, but does not allow them to edit any settings.
  • Editor gives the user the ability to edit any application settings.
  • Owner has Editor-level permissions but can also delete the app—and bears any of its token consumption cost. Each app may only have one collaborator with the Owner role.

Role Permissions

Breakdown of Role Permissions


Add Collaborators

Previously, you could only have one individual, or one generic account tied to an application and that individual would have to share the application's credentials with team members in order to manage the development and deployment of your teams' solutions using this account. With the Add Collaborators feature you can improve the process of managing access by assigning roles to the collaborators working on the application. This would allow every developer to use their own personal account tied to the application with the role permissions assigned to their own personal account by the Owner of the application.

Let’s assume you have one account that manages the access to resources used by your web apps using APS products. This account can't be linked to a specific individual (aps.dev@yourcompany.com), and you would need to collaborate with your team to manage the development and deployment of your solutions using this one generic account. With the Add Collaborators feature you can improve the process of managing access by assigning roles to the collaborators working on the application and every collaborator could use their own personal account (username@yourcompany.com) to access the application. This feature will also provide more visibility into who regenerates the client secret as everyone will have assigned roles for the application and APS would notify all collaborators if any changes are made to the client secret ID.


How does the feature work?

  • Click Applications in your profile in your Autodesk Platform Services account
  • Click the specific application whose settings you want to edit

Specific Application


  • Click Add Collaborator

Add Collaborator


  • ​​Invite the user via their email address and select their role as either Viewer or Editor.

Invite user


    • The user will be sent an email invitation. Once the user accepts, they will see the new app under Applications shared with me in Applications.

    Email Invitation


    • When collaborators are added to an application, you can control the roles for each developer in the Collaborators section, giving you the freedom to control permissions mid project.

    Collaborators Section



    Transfer Ownership
    This feature gives the project owner the flexibility to transfer that ownership to someone else. This is important because it helps avoid security issues related to sharing credentials and allows for smooth project transitions. For example, if you own an app and are leaving the project or transferring it to another team, you can transfer ownership of that app to another developer, ensuring that the team maintaining the application continues to have access to the client id and secret, among other information.

    How does the feature work?

    • Click the dropdown next to the collaborator’s name whose role you want to change and select Owner.Select Owner



    • Send the invite and complete the instructions in the email

    When an invite is sent, the invited developer is marked as Pending in the Collaborators list, and they’ll have up to 7 days to accept. If they don’t accept the invite, it expires, and they’re automatically removed from the list of collaborators. If after sending an invite you decide to revoke it, simply remove the developer from the application by clicking the X next to their name. This will cancel the ownership transfer invite and remove them from the application. You can then add them back to the app as a Viewer or Editor if you choose. 

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