19 Sep 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 7.3



  • Profiles API is now official.
  • Pixel Compare - Supports Vector-PDFs.
  • Change consolidation works when using theming and ghosting.


  • Method setFreeMeasureMode(bool) to Autodesk.Measure extension, which allows measuring from any location.
  • AEC Navigator for the BimWalk extension. Gives users an experience similar to the Navisworks and Revit first-person tools.
  • viewer.hitTest() extends its implementation to also intersect objects from sceneAfter.
  • getMeasurementList and getCalibration APIs to get the list of measurements on the canvas and calibration values.
  • Extension Autodesk.Snapping, which exposes a tool for snapping to geometry: Autodesk.Extensions.Snapping.Snapper.


  • Hotkey for activating the Field-of-View tool ( Ctrl + Shift ). Users can still access the functionality by using the appropriate toolbar button.
  • Hotkey for activating the Roll tool ( Alt + Shift ). Users can still access the functionality by using the appropriate toolbar button.


  • Bubble nodes are sorted based on the order number provided in the bubble.json
  • DWG layers in external references do not turn on/off.
  • Model Browser and Selection wouldn’t work when Property Database contained cycles.
  • Fix Prism wood material problem when using different canvases.
  • Regression: Extensions fail to load in multiple viewer instances.
  • Regression when loading external ids.


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