20 Jun 2024

Revit 2019 engine will be removed from Design Automation engine list on Sep 15th, 2024

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Are you still using the Revit 2019 engine to process your design automation workitem job? If so, please take some time to migrate your app to a later version. The Revit 2019 engine will be removed from Design Automation list on September 15th, 2024.

The main action you may need to follow:

For your AppBundle: 

  1. Create a new AppBundle Version using POST appbundles/:id/versions. Make sure pointing to the available Revit engine.
  2. (Optional)Update and rebuild your Revit plugin with the target Revit version, update the supported SeriesMin and SeriesMax in PackageContents.xml, regenerate and upload the AppBundle.
  3. Assign the working alias to the new AppBundle version using PATCH appbundles/:id/aliases/:aliasId.

For your Activity:

  1. Create a new Activity version using POST activities/:id/versions. Make sure pointing to the available Revit engine.
  2. Assign the working alias to the new Activity version using PATCH activities/:id/aliases/:aliasId

That should be all you need to migrate to the new Revit engine. If you encounter any issues or have any questions about this migration, please feel free to contact support.

For more information about Design Automation engine lifecycle policy, please refer to: Engine Lifecycle Policy and Removal of Older Engines and Engine Lifecycle Policy.

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