25 Apr 2024

Redefine the Future at the Autodesk Design & Make EduHack

Autodesk Design & Make EduHack

Do you have a passion for solving hard problems?  Do you get excited when learning new languages or technologies? Are you a master coder (or on your way to becoming one)? And are you currently majoring in computer sciences or a related field? Do you want direct, one-on-one time with an Autodesk developer?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re the perfect person to participate in our upcoming Design & Make EduHack! 

Autodesk Platform Services and Autodesk Education Experiences are joining forces to craft tomorrow’s innovators at a fully virtual hackathon this September. This hackathon is exclusively for students in computer sciences and related fields who are also in the Design and Make spaces. Take this opportunity to learn or expand your knowledge of Autodesk APIs and impact the world.  

Whether it's developing software that improves people's lives or contributing to the advancement of AI, the possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to see the innovative solutions you’re coming to play with. 

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What can you expect?

Sign up with your team and be ready to start coding from day one! Teams can contain up to 4 people, and you can only participate on one team. With direct access to documentation, Autodesk APIs, and developers from Autodesk, you can be ready to make the most of the weekend and come ready to showcase what you've built on Demo Day, September 29! 



Pitch Day: September 27 

8 AM PST / 11 AM EST / 5 PM CET / 8:30 PM IST 

We want to hear what you want to build, so come tell us on Pitch Day! You can get feedback on your ideas and share your expertise. 

Coding and support period: September 27-29 

Begins directly after your pitch on Friday, September 27  

During the weekend, you will have unlimited access to Autodesk technical support resources, including:  

  • The Autodesk Platform and documentation 

  • Autodesk engineering teams 

  • Developer advocates 

Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, someone will be online to guide you and answer any questions you may have. 

Demo Day: September 29 

Submissions must be in by 8 PM in your local time zone 

On Sunday, September 29, by 8 PM in your time zone, you and your team will submit a demo video that shows off the solution you built and compete for the winning spot in one of the 4 challenges. 

Judging Period: September 30 

Our judges will be so blown away by what you have to show them, they’re going to need a whole day to process and decide. 

Winner Announcement & International Award Ceremony: October 1 

8 AM PST / 11 AM EST / 5 PM CET / 8:30 PM IST 

Winners will be announced and presented with their awards (and prizes!) on Tuesday, October 1 at a virtual Hackathon Showcase. 

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The Challenges

Rise of the Machines: Byte Back 

AI is the future. Autodesk Platform Services enables data access, granularity, and interoperability across industries and workflows. So much access to data unlocks AI-powered automations and insights across siloed project data. 

Inception of Intelligence: Dreaming in Data 

Autodesk Data APIs let you share the right data with the right teams at the right time. As a developer, you can access the underlying cloud APIs to power your custom apps and workflows. We want to see the creative ways you can make data work for you and your teams.  

Hack the Planet! 

The APS toolbox enables you to deliver insights to realize more sustainable outcomes for the future. Use Autodesk APIs to: 

  • build dashboards focused on increasing your sustainability score 
  • connect materials databases 
  • calculate carbon footprints 
  • link to LCA platforms 
  • and more! Unlock data from Fusion, Revit, and other tools to create a holistic sustainable solution. 

Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Dungeon Challenge 

Get creative with the three.js library and build a fun game we'll never want to put down. Bonus points will be awarded for using the Autodesk Viewer.  

An award will also be presented for the best overall presentation. Each challenge will be judged based on the criteria found below. 


Judging Criteria


Show us an application that does something no one has seen before! The more creative, the more points you get. 


How easy is it to use your app? Is it intuitive? Does it offer a stellar user experience? 

Business problem solved 

Does your solution have real world benefits? Can you deploy it live for people to use and solve their real-world business problems? 

Progress made during the weekend 

The more you can accomplish during the actual week of Sept 19-23, the higher you score with the judges. 

Depth of Autodesk API use 

How many Autodesk APIs and services were you able to leverage? The more you combine, and the more advanced use of the platform you show, the more points you can score here. 

Wow factor 

Is your app jaw-dropping? Can we not stop talking about it? Does it excite us? 


The Prizes 

Of course, you’re in it to win it, right? So what do you win? Each person on a winning team earns:

  • 1:1 time with an Autodesk developer
  • Glory - your demo will be showcased prominently on our social channels
  • Bragging rights (and of course tagging on said social channels)
  • A bundle of cool Autodesk swag (valued at $75) and
  • A gift card valued at $250 (Total prize value is $325). 


Get your ideas flowing and register now! 


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Any questions? Reach out to us directly.


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