25 Jun 2024

An EduHacker's guide to winning with Autodesk APIs

Autodesk EduHack

Looking for a head start on your EduHack prep? Finding your way through the wide world of Autodesk Platform Services can be daunting, but we’re here to help you on that journey. Whether you’re planning to explore the world of AI, want to see the ways data can help make your day to day easier, work on building more sustainable solutions, or are trying to create a fun game to make us forget our adult responsibilities, here are some paths you can take to get up to speed and ready to start coding with your team in September. 

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Autodesk Platform Services Fundamentals

The core APIs will help you with any challenge you want to tackle. Get started with the basics:

Rise of the Machines: Byte Back

AI is the future. Autodesk Platform Services (APS) enables data access, granularity, and interoperability across industries and workflows. So much access to data unlocks AI-powered automations and insights across siloed project data. 

If you want to start working on integrating Autodesk APIs with AI solutions, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the following AI models: 

  • OpenAI
  • Amazon Bedrock
  • Google Gemini
  • Comfy UI

Inception of Intelligence: Dreaming in Data

Autodesk Data APIs let you share the right data with the right teams at the right time. As a developer, you can access the underlying cloud APIs to power your custom apps and workflows. We want to see the creative ways you can make data work for you and your teams. 

To get up to speed with all things data, here are some API docs to check out: 

Hack the Planet!

The APS toolbox enables you to deliver insights to realize more sustainable outcomes for the future. 

Here are some APIs to get you started thinking about sustainable solutions: 

Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Dungeon Challenge  

Get creative with the three.js library and build a fun game we'll never want to put down. Bonus points will be awarded for using the Autodesk Viewer.   

Put all your newfound Autodesk Platform Services knowledge together and create a playable game.  


Looking for hands-on experience? Join the upcoming Online Bootcamp 

If you’re more of a visual learner, here are some former bootcamp videos that can help you get started. 

And the Online Bootcamp this July will focus heavily on the Data Model APIs, which will be a great chance for you to jump start your experience with Autodesk Data. Sign up here, and don’t forget the prerequisites below. 


Day 1: Manufacturing Data Model API

  • Fusion Team hub access: Personal hub is not enough; Team hub is needed - see the image below.

prereq_mfg data model api

  • Fusion models: if you don’t have your own models yet, you can open and save the sample models in your project using “File” -> “Save As” inside Fusion.

Day 2: AEC Data Model API

  • Access to an Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Hub (AMER). If you don’t have an ACC Docs subscription, you can find options for getting a test account in this blog
  • Revit 2024/2025 designs

If you have the ACC Docs license, please follow these steps to prepare for the training.

Step 1: Enable your ACC account to have access to the AEC Data Model. You either need to be an Account admin or ask your Account admin to do that.
Step 2: Add the AEC Data Model Explorer Client ID “HKVjhUXySDGLGJimolxAgDdpoCuZLlql” to your ACC Account Custom Integrations using the steps mentioned here.
Step 3: Make sure you have a permission to view the project files in ACC Docs.

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