7 Feb 2017

My Postman collection

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Some developers asked for the Postman collection I used in my Model Derivative API webcast.
So here it goes :)

These are the functions it contains:

Postman collection items

You need to set some Environment variables in Postman before you can run it: the ones circled in green. The others will be set automatically after a given call.
E.g. AccessToken will be set automatically after calling Authenticate endpoint.

Postman environment variables

The ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret are the ones used by your Forge app. BucketKey needs to be lower case and globally unique. ObjectName is the name of the file you want to upload and RootFileName is the name of the main file in case of uploading a complex model consisting of multiple model files. 

I exported the collection using Collection v2 format - in case it makes any difference for someone:

Postman collection export

Here are my collection and environment file: https://github.com/adamenagy/MyPostmanCollections

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