15 May 2023

May News Recap


We don’t want you to miss any of this month’s updates. Below you’ll find a full recap of this month's major announcements, new code samples, documentation updates, events, and more.


Register for Autodesk DevCon

Autodesk DevCon is back....and it’s on a boat. Join us September 6-7 in San Francisco, CA for two amazing days. You heard that right. The conference that brings together software developers building with Autodesk Platform Services is back. And this time we're on a boat. All aboard the historic Klamath Ferry in San Francisco, CA. We will host only 200 developers that want to learn about the latest APIs and SDK releases you can use to build applications and solutions with your Design and Make Data. Register now.

 ACC Issues Status UI Change

As you might have received a notification, upcoming update release for Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) includes changes to Issues statues in UI. Although no changes are made to the API endpoints themselves, the change in behavior in the UI may potentially have an effect to your application semantically depending on the context of your application. So we are writing here as well. The next update is expected later this month. It will be announced through the Product News section of Construction blog. This does not affect Issues in BIM 360. Learn more.

Parameters API (beta) Update

Does your application use Parameters Service Beta API? Or are you learning the API? Autodesk has released a new version to enhance the current Parameters Service API on May 12th as announced on the Parameters API beta forum. Read more.

Data Exchange (DX) GraphQL API alignment with AEC Data Model API

As you saw in our last update for Autodesk Platform Services (APS, formerly Forge) Data Initiatives, you know that we recently introduced Data Exchange GraphQL APIs (see post here) in public beta. As part of our goal to bring consistency and standardization of data representation in the industry, we are aligning the Data Exchange GraphQL API with the AEC Data Model. Learn more.

How to Leverage the Autodesk App Store for Fusion 360

Did you know that you can get from design to make faster in Fusion 360 by leveraging apps found in the Autodesk App Store? Learn more about what tools are available in this article.

Retiring BIM 360 Issues (v1) Endpoints

Does your application use BIM 360 Issues (v1) API? Autodesk plans to retire eleven (11) BIM 360 Issues (v1) API endpoints. Recently we have released the version 2 of BIM 360 Issues APIAction required: If you are using any of the eleven (11) Issues (v1) API endpoints with BIM 360, please migrate to Issues (v2) API by July 5th, 2023, at which point the Issues (v1) API endpoints will be deprecated and stop functioning. Failure to migrate in a timely manner will result in breaking the workflow in your application. Read this blog for more details.

Code Samples and tips

Check out our latest code samples to jumpstart your application.

Continue to learn more with all previous code samples here.



We want you to get the most out of Autodesk Platform Services. We're here to provide you the best learning opportunities and materials. From informal group chats, week-long events to 1 on 1 help, and beyond, we have a resource for everyone.


The APS Accelerator program is a week-long opportunity for developers to work intensively on a chosen project with help and support directly from the Autodesk Platform Services team. Attend an Accelerator to network with industry experts and peers, exchange ideas, and build your proof of concept

FYI these are your last chances to join an APS Accelerator before the summer break!

APS Tuesdays

Autodesk Platform Services (APS) Tuesdays is a free weekly webinar for anyone interested in powering digital transformations, digital twins, insightful dashboards, enterprise integrations, automations, and more. Come join our 45-minute introduction to learn the basics of Autodesk Platform Services, what people are building, and ways you can benefit. Learn more and save your spot here.

Coffee Break

Every 2 weeks, join Autodesk Developer Advocates to chat about what's new and in development, over a cup of coffee.

The Doctor is In

Book an appointment with our team of experts and receive live answers to your technical or business questions. We're here to help!   

Coffee without Commitment

A developer coffee break just for our Portuguese developer community! Join us for our next chat on June 15th.


Customer Stories


ChatGPT for construction is here. Check out how Sparkel layers on ChatGPT and other AI to extract construction document insights that power faster takeoffs, sharper estimates, and less waste.


LIXIL has developed an automated CAD engine - a drafting system that rapidly processes drawings for various ktichen and bathroom products. But as demand grew and thousands of product drawings needed to be processed daily, they needed APS to scale the system. Read how the Data Management API and the Design Automation for AutoCAD API enabled increased productivity by reducing drafting time up to 30%!

Get inspired by all of our Success Stories here.


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