14 May 2023

ACC Issues Status UI Change

Update May 23, 2023: The enhancement with additional statuses and required fields have been released.  

As you might have received a notification, upcoming update release for Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) includes changes to Issues statues in UI. Although no changes are made to the API endpoints themselves, the change in behavior in the UI may potentially have an effect to your application semantically depending on the context of your application. So we are writing here as well. The next update is expected later this month. It will be announced through the Product News section of Construction blog. This does not affect Issues in BIM 360. 

Below is the e-mail message that the product team sent to all the account admin. It explains about the changes:     

Dear Account Administrator,

As part of the upcoming releases, we will be releasing changes to Autodesk Construction Cloud Issue Statuses. We are providing you with advance notice so that you may communicate these changes to your teams, if necessary. 

New Issue Status

To accelerate issue creation, the issue status “Draft” will now be available for use. To keep an eye on issues in “Draft”, project admins can schedule an issue detail report filtering for issues with “Draft” status.

Required Fields in Issues

Any custom and standard fields, except for “Placement” and “References”, can be made required by a project admin and will be notated with a red asterisk “*”. An issue with incomplete required fields will automatically start in “Draft” status and cannot be changed from “Draft” status until the required fields are completed.

New Optional Issue Statuses

To better reflect project and company issue workflows, the following optional statuses will be available to be turned on by project admins:

  • In progress
  • Completed
  • Not approved
  • In dispute

IMPORTANT: No existing issues will change status. To ensure that these new updates are able to be utilized by project members on mobile, project members will need to update to the latest version of the mobile app. If they do not, they will see the issues utilizing the new statuses as “Open” status and Required Fields will not take effect.
Help center information will be available upon release. If you have any questions, please utilize the support chat for assistance.

Thank you. 

The Autodesk Construction Solutions Team

And here are additional points to note for API users: 

  • There is no new endpoint. However, your will see additional statues. The access to an issue in each status is subject to user permissions and configuration (i.e., setting active/inactive).
  • If you make an API call to update or create an issue with a status that is not in the "permitted” statuses, the call will fail.
  • The API response for types and the subtypes will contain data about required field (fieldsMetadata) when a field have been set as required. Title, Status and Subtype are required fields by default.
  • If you call an API to create an issue in a non-draft status that is missing required fields (except Title, Status and Subtype), the issue is successfully created with no errors (i.e., no backend validation). ACC UI displays the created issue with no errors nor alerts. Same for when calling API to open a draft with missing a required field, and to edit issue type with missing a required field.   
  • If you fill in value for all required field to a DRAFT issue, the edited value is updated and the issue remains in DRAFT status. (This is different from the UI where it asks the user if you want to update the status.)  

If your application is affected by this change and you have questions, please contact us by e-mail at aps.help@autodesk.com

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