27 Apr 2023

Parameters API (beta) Update

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Updated May 15, 2023:

Parameters Services has gone through the data migration on backend. Parameters API, which is used behind the feature and is currently public beta, has been updated.   

Are you using Parameters API, which is current in beta stage? Or are you actively looking at the API? If so, please read on.

As announced in the Parameters API feedback portal, Parameters Service has the data migration planned on May 12, and Parameters API (beta) v1 is going to change at that time. Please be aware that this is a breaking change for this API.

There are two areas of changes:

  • Base URL includes “/groups/” after “/accounts/:accountId/”. e.g., 
    GET https://developer.api.autodesk.com/parameters/v1/accounts/{accountId}/collections
  • POST create parameters API accepts only the following core definition fields (which were marked as required previously) as input: i.e., id, name, dataTypeId and readOnly. The metadata and description (which were optional before) can be added/updated with PATCH modify parameters endpoint.

Note that the version number stays as “v1”.  (We are taking advantage of being beta stage. We have also contacted active users of the API. We will make sure we will use versioning and provide enough deprecation period once the API is officially released.)  

There are three additional endpoints for groups:

  • GET    https://developer.api.autodesk.com/parameters/v1/accounts/{accountId}/groups
  • GET    https://developer.api.autodesk.com/parameters/v1/accounts/{accountId}/groups/{groupId}
  • PUT    https://developer.api.autodesk.com/parameters/v1/accounts/{accountId}/groups/{groupId}

If you have any questions regarding Parameters API, please make use of feedback portal to contact the product team directly or e-mail us at aps.help@autodesk.com.


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