10 May 2023

Avoid using Inventor models with same file and internal name

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The way Inventor differentiates files from each other is based on the combination of the file name and internal name - at least one of them should be different for each model.

If both are the same for two models in the same assembly, they are just in different folders, but their geometry is different, then that can cause unexpected results: e.g. when translating the assembly to other file formats (inc SVF used by Autodesk Viewer)

It's very easy to check your model for such issues. I created the below iLogic code so that it can be used both locally and on Design Automation as well, e.g. following this blog post.   

Structure FileNameInternalName 
  Dim FileName As String
  Dim InternalName As String
End Structure

Sub Main
  Dim asm As AssemblyDocument = ThisDoc.Document  

  Dim fileNameInternalNames = New Dictionary(Of FileNameInternalName, List(Of String))
  For Each f As File In asm.File.AllReferencedFiles
    Dim fileName = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(f.FullFileName) 
    Dim filePath = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(f.FullFileName) 
    Dim item = New FileNameInternalName With {	  
      .FileName = fileName, 
      .InternalName = f.InternalName
    If fileNameInternalNames.ContainsKey(item) Then
      fileNameInternalNames.Add(item, New List(Of String)({filePath}))	
    End If
  Logger.Info("Checked " + asm.File.AllReferencedFiles.Count.ToString() + " files and found the following issues")
  For Each f In fileNameInternalNames
    If f.Value.Count > 1 Then 	  
      Logger.Info("'" + f.Key.FileName + "' can be found at these places with the same internal name:")
      For Each i In f.Value
        Logger.Info(" >> " + i)
    End If
End Sub

After running the rule using my sample assembly, I get this in the iLogic Log palette of Inventor:

INFO|Checked 145 files and found the following issues
INFO|'Upper Seat Cover.ipt' can be found at these places with the same internal name:
INFO| >> C:\Temp\Car_Seat\Car Seat\Workspace\folder
INFO| >> C:\Temp\Car_Seat\Car Seat\Workspace




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