25 Apr 2023

Data Exchange (DX) GraphQL API alignment with AEC Data Model API

As you saw in our last update for Autodesk Platform Services (APS, formerly Forge) Data Initiatives, you know that we recently introduced Data Exchange GraphQL APIs (see post here) in public beta.

As part of our goal to bring consistency and standardization of data representation in the industry, we are aligning the Data Exchange GraphQL API with the AEC Data Model.

While this will bring significant benefits in terms of interoperability and flexibility, it will also entail some changes to the underlying data schema resulting in potential disruption to your current workflow using the DX GraphQL API in Public Beta. In addition, we will introduce advanced querying features that will give users greater flexibility in filtering data. We anticipate that these changes will take effect towards the end of May. All the changes will be documented here with their release.

We welcome your feedback about your usage of DX GraphQL APIs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out on our Community Forum or via email at data.exchange.support@autodesk.com

As a reminder to what Data Exchange is all about, check out our cover page as well as these earlier posts:

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