16 Sep 2022

Autodesk University and Forge Data = unique opportunities!

Autodesk University (AU) is approaching fast. Now that we are back to “in-person” we will be happy to “see” you again!  
In addition to the prior content posts, here and here, I wanted to be sure all you Forge fans are aware of the latest and cutting-edge content that is being presented at AU. AU is the event that typically brings all the bleeding-edge Autodesk news, and this year will not disappoint as the data platform will be an important topic.  

Here is the list of classes that include the Forge Data initiatives: 
Fusion Data: 

  • FAB502418 | Autodesk Fusion 360 Powered by SimaPro: Sustainability at the Beginning  
  • IM502110 | Connecting Autodesk Fusion 360 to SAP Using the Autodesk Forge Data API 
  • SD501831 | Up and Running with Fusion Data API 

Data Exchange: 

  • SD501478 | Automating the Workflow of Data from Revit with Autodesk Forge Data Exchange  
  • SD501666 | Why and How to Build Autodesk Forge Data Exchange Connectors? 
  • BES501899 | Bridging Revit and Inventor Using Autodesk Data Exchange to Make Configurator  
  • SD502783 | Mobile app development with Autodesk Forge Data Exchange and AWS 
  • SD501940 | Up and Running with Data Exchange API 
  • FAB502817 | Turn Out-Dated into Power-Automated: Revit Data Exchanges into Microsoft Power BI 


  • AS502502 | Autodesk Forge Data APIs: Standardized Granular Data Extraction to Reduce Code Base 
  • SD502577 | Autodesk Forge Data Road Map: Moving from Files to Cloud Data 
  • SD502276 | Let's Talk About Data! 
  • SD502830 | Unleash the Power of Design Data with Autodesk Forge API 
  • BES501616 | Partners Are Driving the Sustainability Platform for Autodesk 

Also make sure to visit us in the Exhibit Hall! There is an Autodesk Forge booth at G300. In the booth we will have a Developer Zone to help answer any Forge questions, but especially feel free to bring your Forge Data questions and curiosities.  

Our platform team is also looking for feedback. There are going to be several opportunities at AU to give input. See the blog post here: Share your feedback at Autodesk University 2022. There is one more additional opportunity to give input for Workflows with Revit, Power Automate, and more. Just click a link and sign up for the workshop at AU on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon! 

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