26 May 2020

Forge Partner Talks Summer Lineup

Forge Partner Talks

The Forge Partner Talks webinar series will continue through June and July with four brand new panel discussions on another set of industry topics and trends! This is your opportunity to stay abreast of the latest Forge powered design + make cloud technology innovations by featured Autodesk partners, and see how they can help your business be more competitive and profitable.


Join host Emily Scherbenski, Senior Forge Marketing Manager, and top Forge partners who will share the innovative solutions they have built using Forge, and insights they gained along the way.


All you have to do is register once using the link below. From there you can select the sessions you want to join. Come to one, or come to all! We will have time for a live audience Q&A after each session. If you are unable to join, the recording will be posted here after the event. Any questions we were unable to get answered during the hour will be posted in a blog.


The June and July sessions may be done, but don't forget to register for August's topics here!



Forge Partner Talks: BIM Standards & Checking

June 10th 7 am PST/4 pm CET

Join us to learn how partners have been automating their BIM (Building Information Modeling) standards and checking processes and learn how you can take advantage of these automation processes too.


Featured panelists include:

Frank Schuyer, CEO and Founder of Xinaps, shares details on their cloud-based model checker for AEC industry professionals, called Verifi3D. The solution helps professionals improve the quality of their data, streamline their workflow, and optimize data validation processes. Frank is joined by one of his customers, Michael Bartyzel, Global BIM Lead and Associate Director at Buro Happold.  

Varun Bhartiya, CEO & Co-founder at nCircle, demonstrates a BIM automation where every time a BIM model is uploaded in BIM360, Model rule checker runs on that file automatically (just need to set once) and checks for BIM standards (selected and set for checking by the user) and sends an email notification to the user with results (PASS/FAIL) which can viewed in the FORGE viewer.

Matt Mason, Director of Software Development from IMAGINiT Technologies talks about how they leverage Forge Design Automation to virtualize many tasks with their Clarity product – particularly Model Health checking.


Watch the recording



Forge Partner Talks: Transportation & Infrastructure

June 24th 7 am PST/4 pm CET

Hear from partners who have built innovative solutions in the transportation industry and learn how you can lead more efficient and lower cost infrastructure projects.


Featured panelists for this session:

Frode Tørresdal, Head of Development for BIM and Structural Engineering, and Gjermund Dahl, Sivilingeniør, both from Norconsult Informasjonssystemer (NoIS), will share how Norconsult used Forge to create a tool called ISY Prosjekt, to link all project participants with project data stored in the cloud. Their aim was to use model based construction, reduce drawings and printing to a minimum and make timely data widely available. 

Jim Quanci, Senior Director of Developer Advocacy and Support, will also be joining the panel to share some interesting Forge projects he's seen, and speculate about the future of technology solutions within the Transportation and Infrastructure industries.


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Forge Partner Talks: Enterprise Integration

July 8th 7 am PST/4 pm CET

Hear from partners who have used Forge to enable enterprise integration - connecting existing systems to share and communicate information. See how you too can better integrate your systems to streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Featured panelists include:

Kelly Doyle, Chief Operating Officer from ProjectReady, will talk about connected workflows and automation, leveraging Forge APIs for the AEC/O.

Peeter Pärna, CEO of INTELSYS build.works, talks about how design in BIM360 can be integrated with enterprise resource planning applications (from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Odoo, Sage, etc) for procurement, manufacturing, financials, and other core processes.


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Forge Partner Talks: Digital Buying Experience

July 22th 7 am PST/4 pm CET

Digital technology has transformed consumer habits. Hear how top Forge partners have implemented digital buying experiences to better meet customer needs, and learn how these tools could help you increase sales.

Join featured panelists Daniel Marcus, Key Account Manager, and Rikard Nilsson, Senior Developer Product Configuration, from Cadcraft, as they share how Cadcraft uses the Forge Viewer and Design Automation APIs to implement product configuration on the web for their customers, resulting in increased sales and up-front commitments.

Chris Acheson, CEO of CADshare Technology, also joins the panel to discuss how CADshare uses Forge APIs to make 3D digital assets consumable to their customers via a web application to identify and order spare parts.


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