15 Oct 2017

Forge DevCon Germany Updated Agenda

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Updated Agenda for Forge DevCon Germany - Last Updated 15 Oct.

Morning keynotes

10:00-10:05      Welcome & introduction from Jim Quanci, Autodesk Senior Director Forge Partner Development

10:05-10:30      Forge Today, Tomorrow and on the Horizon, with Brian Roepke, Senior Director Forge Product Management

A review of enhancements made in Forge over the last year from the Viewer to Data Management support for BIM 360, a look at improvements and new services coming in the next few months including WebHooks, Design Automation for Revit and the public release of Reality Capture, and the longer-term vision of where we are taking Forge today’s Enterprise integration to building complete tailored design experiences on the web. And what about a new Forge powered AR/VR pipeline? Come and learn.

10:30-11:00      Executive panel session with Ron Locklin, Autodesk Director, and Brian Roepke, Senior Director Forge Product Management

11:00-11:30      Innovate with Forge – the future of building seamless cloud workflows with Autodesk by Arno Zinke, Autodesk Senior Manager and Technologist

The world of design and manufacturing is changing, not only gradually, but dramatically. The technology, the tools that brought us where we are today will not be able to bring us where we want to be in the future. This future is going to be connected and collaborative. In this presentation, we will give a sneak peak of the technology we build at Autodesk to help you implement your future of making things.

11:30-11:45      Break

11:45-12:15      Better communication using Autodesk Forge with Collin van Kooten, BIM Manager at CAD & Company

Collaboration in construction is challenging. Working together with multiple engineers, architects, and specialized subcontractors, all in one project. How can you organize this in a way that there is a seamless workflow to create good quality models? With the Autodesk Forge APIs, it is not only possible to show a 3D model visible in many different ways, it also allows the user to check the data of the model and have collaboration. In this presentation, you will find out how Autodesk Forge can change the life of the users of Building Information Models.

12:15-12:45      Resolving on leveraging Autodesk Forge to build BIM processes of tomorrow, with Cyriaque Rios from Resolving

Resolving™ is the pioneer in mobile digital solutions for Construction and Real Estate industries and provides collaborative mobile platform covering entire lifecycle of the assets from construction to exploitation and dismantling, by exploiting the Autodesk Forge APIs to interconnectResolving™ solutions’ with virtually any other system. Today, thanks to Resolving™ solutions, building contributes to the improvement of the business processes of its customers and thus brings real added value and better user experience. With the integration to Autodesk BIM 360 via the Autodesk Forge API, Resolving™ solutions can now work with customer information and truly collaborate with the customer eco-system.  Combining a solid experience in information technology and construction for 14 years, Resolving™ is constantly innovating to bring the digital tools that will support Construction and Real Estate of tomorrow.

12:45-13:00      Q&A and housekeeping

13:00-14:00      Lunch break


Afternoon sessions

Room 1 – 14:00-17:30, with coffee break 16:00-16:30

Session 1          University Research Projects using FORGE, with representatives from TU Munich, RWTH Aachen, TU Darmstadt and THM

Session 2         HFDM class with Kai Schroeder, Software Development Manager

The design and engineering world is about to go through a major disruption from single user-focused, file-based “monolithic”, hard to learn, desktop CAD to deeply collaborative, highly tailored, and simple to use “database on the cloud” CAD experiences. These workflows will be enabled by the Forge High-Frequency Data Management (HFDM) SDK - a tool Autodesk is using to build next-generation products such as Quantum and Fusion Web.

HFDM puts data at the center of Forge application development, enabling developers to build rich and collaborative, data-centric applications and reactive systems at scale. The Forge HFDM data service is a central hub that stores and communicates rapidly changing data between different clients, apps, and connected services while keeping all users in sync. We will show examples of what you can build with HFDM and discuss core architectural concepts and practices, highlighting customer value and benefits.

Session 3         Building cloud-native applications: opportunities and challenges with Kai Schroeder, Software Development Manager

With modern cloud-native applications, we have a great opportunity to improve the efficiency of teams by enabling new workflows and new ways of collaboration. By putting data into the center and moving it out of application silos, we can allow for interaction between different stakeholders, working on a shared data-set. Building applications in this world is challenging. There needs to be an easy way to collaborate on a common data model. We further need to handle low bandwidth, high latency environments with asynchronous processing.

In this presentation, we will discuss challenges and useful patterns when building cloud-native applications and discuss some of the solutions we have implemented, which we plan to make available on Forge soon.


Room 2 – 14:00-17:30, with coffee break 16:00-16:30

Session 1         Best practices with Forge Server-side REST APIs, with Augusto Goncalves, Autodesk Developer Consultant

This class will help you kick-start and accelerate your development on the Forge platform by demonstrating best practice workflows and tips & tricks for managing REST API calls and consuming JSON data. Examples will include uses of the Model Derivative API, Data Management API (including accessing data in BIM 360 Docs), Authentication API and Design Automation API. Prior knowledge in Web and Cloud development is recommended.

Session 2         Forge expert panel, led by Cyrille Fauvel, Autodesk Developer Advocate

Session 3         Moving to Forge and the cloud with your existing .NET experience with Augusto Goncalves, Autodesk Developer Consultant

For over a decade, Autodesk has honed the .NET APIs for our desktop apps.  And you, as a developer, are a master this technology.  Now that the Cloud exposes lots of new features and technologies, how do you migrate your code and your knowledge? This class will review what you need to refresh your .NET expertise and get ready to leverage Autodesk Forge, Cloud connected apps and web-based apps.


Room 3 – 14:00-17:30, with coffee break 16:00-16:30

Session 1         Control and program a real robot by manipulating its 3D model using Forge, with Denis Grigor, Autodesk Developer Technical Consultant

In the context of Industry 4.0, the robotics will play an important role and the way we program and control them will have to be adjusted accordingly. Join me for a demonstration on how Autodesk Forge fits in this picture, where we will briefly go through the process of bringing a robotic arm into the 3D world using Fusion 360; preparing the 3D model for in-web-browser visualization and connect the real robotic arm to its 3D model for duplex control.

In the end, we will see what might be the obstacles in transferring this proof of concept to industrial robots and other machine types for visualization, remote diagnostics, and even manipulation.

Session 2         Integrating the Forge Data Management API with other storage providers, with Adam Nagy, Autodesk Developer Advocate

Data is spread over different providers, so you often need to find a way to take advantage of each web service. Using the Forge Data Management API, you can access the storage structure, download and upload files from A360 Team, BIM 360 Docs and Fusion Team. And this allows integration with other providers using apps and programming. This class will cover the basics to create your own storage provider integration and show samples with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Session 3         ARKit, with Cyrille Fauvel, Autodesk Developer Advocate

17:30-18:00      Future of Forge and closing keynote, with the Forge Partner Development team


Evening sessions

18:00-19:30      Evening reception, including food and drinks

19:30-21:00      3D Webfest event

21:00                End of event

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