1 Oct 2019

Forge DevCon classes: building top-quality cloud solutions

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We've got a lot of content prepared for you during this year's Forge DevCon, and one theme I'm particularly excited about are the best practices for building top-quality cloud apps and services using Forge. There are several classes focused on planning, development, deploying, and securing your cloud solution, and whether you're a seasoned Forge developer or just getting started, I'd strongly recommend that you check them out:


The Agile 101 (FDC331632) class - led by our Agile Practices gurus - will give you an insight into how agile and lean principles can help your software development team plan, deliver, and support your product.


In another class called Achieving 99.99% uptime - a tale of Observability (FDC320314), my friend and a very talented software engineer and manager, Alex Bicalho, will talk about the strategy we implemented in Forge to ensure the "four nines" availability, and how you can do that, too!


Next, Securing Your Forge App: Data Security in the Cloud (FDC322917) is a class where you can learn about the best ways to secure your Forge application and protect your customers' data, starting at the very first stages of the development, and not just as an afterthought.


Finally, in Squashing Bugs in API integrations (FDC320976), Jonathan Pilovsky will talk about the common issues you can run into when integrating various APIs, and about design patterns and tools you can use to avoid those issues in your development process.


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