27 Sep 2019

Forge DevCon @ AU Germany – a must go

For those of you who haven’t yet signed up, there’s still a little time left to register for this year’s European Forge DevCon being held on October 14th 2019. The event runs the day before AU Germany, but is a English event unlike AU Germany which is held in German. Like every other year the event takes place in Darmstadt (a nice town close to Frankfurt, for those who don’t know it).

The agenda is packed with interesting content, as ever, and it’s always a great opportunity to meet helpful people from the Forge team as well as fellow software developers. I very much enjoyed the event last year. Here’s a video showing some of the highlights:

With all that said, I’m will attend myself as well as most of my colleagues. This would be a unique opportunity to meet your favorite developer advocates from the Forge team and sit with them to review your code or projects. The following week, Petr, Adam, Michael and myself will fly to the Gran Canaries for our next accelerator. Hope to see you in both places.

Here are few notes about the breakout agenda itself:

Sasha Crotty, Lanh Hong, Kevin Vandecar, and Andrew Akenson will start with a technical presentation on Design Automation for Revit, Inventor, and 3ds Max. Yes, Design Automation has been on beta for at least one year, and it is time to hear what is going to happen very soon and review couple of use cases the team addressed based on beta developers feedbacks. In this breakout, you’ll hear from the speakers what each version can do, and how you can simply implement or port your existing plugin to run on the WEB.

Next Mikako Harada will run a presentation on the future of BIM360 – while she will go though API updates and example, you probably want to hear what is going to happen on the BIM360 API after the Plantgrid, BuildingConnected acquisitions.

Torbjørn Grimstad will go in deep explanations on how they implemented their Digital Twin solution. He is also going to share his views on how to use operational data to help his customers to make the right decisions at the right time.

Geert Van Gorp from Xinaps continues his journey with the Forge API to build product configurators that combine the power of Forge and Unity to enable intelligent design optimization by providing accurate calculations and multiple cost scenarios – based on data extracted directly from the customer’s BIM model.

Martin Loucka from Singular AG will present examples of BIM data validation and certification workflows they have created for BIM 360 customers, and explain how they implemented these workflows with Forge. If you want to understand how you can use Forge to create data checking workflows for your own BIM 360 projects, Martin is the person to meet and talk to. I can tell you how he was challenging me the last few years. Great experience to learn from.

While Martin talks about a practical example / application – Philippe Videau from our engineering team will come to Darmstadt to talk about the Forge Data platform future. He is going to expand on Autodesk’ vision about how data is going to be delivered and used in future. The future Forge Data platform and API is a key component for Digitalizing the industry and connect processes / services. AI/ML would be its first citizen and we need to do it right.

Talking about AI/ML, we thought it would be a great idea to get you introduced to the general concepts and examples. Elvis, our friend from AWS, will come to teach how to leverage Amazon Web Services to build, simplify, and streamline intelligent applications for the construction and manufacturing industries. Elvis will walk through machine learning model deployment that can result in 2x better performance on resource constrained platforms such as mobile, desktop and edge devices (IoT).

Again I hope to see you in Darmstadt on Monday – I’ll be arriving on Sunday afternoon – so if anyone wants to go for a drink – just let me know,



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