29 Oct 2020

Forge for Construction Leadership Presentation at Autodesk University

Remote working, cloud collaboration, and ever-increasing ways to improve safety are all hallmarks of the “connected construction” revolution taking place in your industry. These shifts were gaining importance before COVID, but in this “new normal,” they’re absolutely critical.


In the Forge for Construction Leadership Presentation at Autodesk University, we’ll show you how Forge is helping businesses not just adapt to these shifts but make giant leaps forward. We’re seeing customers use the Forge platform to solve industry challenges that have been as hard to topple as the buildings you build.


Here’s a preview of the stories you’ll hear in the keynote. Autodesk Foundation customer BamCore used Forge to bridge the gap from design and manufacturing through construction by making 3D design models accessible for every worker on the jobsite. The next story comes from Holobuilder, which is using Forge to link digital and physical worlds with a solution they call the “Google 360-degree street view for construction sites.” In this story, Holobuilder shows us how they are connecting teams to real-time conditions from any location. And lastly, we have AECOM with a breakthrough in visualizing project data. They were struggling with quality issues and lack of coordination, so they turned to Forge to gain better insights into project challenges early on and enable better decision making.


We encourage you to check out Forge for Construction featuring Allison Scott, Director of Construction Thought Leadership and Customer Marketing, and Ron Locklin, Director of Forge Business Strategy and Marketing, to gain inspiration for solving your own business challenges. You can find it on our Forge Industry Destination page. You can reserve your spot at Autodesk University here. The all-digital conference runs from November 17-20, and there’s no cost to attend.

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