31 Jan 2021

Forge Community News - January 2021

January 2021 newsletter

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Forge Community News - January 2021
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Forge platform updates, coding resources, and community announcements.
Usher in the Era of Convergence with Forge
Welcome to the Era of Convergence
Convergence is the next stage of digitization. It leads to the digital blending of previously separate technologies, processes, and digital and physical assets.

Learn how Forge can help you stay on top of how industry structures and markets are reshaping, and integrate the entirely new combinations of products, services, and experiences into your own digital transformation.
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Platform updates
BIM 360 Data Connector API public beta
The newest feature of the BIM 360 Insight Module, the Data Connector API lets you extract data from your models programmatically. Using the Data Connector API, you can:
  • schedule regular data extraction
  • list existing requests and their configurations
  • set up notifications using webhooks
Learn more and sign up for the public beta.
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Latest code samples
  • Wait for events in the Viewer
  • Use custom Fonts on Design Automation
  • Serverless Forge applications in Azure
  • Use System.Data.SQLite from iLogic rule
  • learnforge View Your Models - VB.NET
  • Rotate sheets in the Viewer
  • Forge & Progressive Web Apps
  • Custom data for translation webhook
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Forge Partner Talks - Configurators (Part 2)
Forge Partner Talks
Tune in February 17 at 7 AM PST/4 PM CET to hear from top Autodesk Forge partners in manufacturing, building, and infrastructure who have increased their customer satisfaction by creating Forge-powered configurators. See how providing similar customization tools to your customers can help you maintain your competitive edge.
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Catch up with Autodesk cloud experts
Schedule an appointment with a Forge expert
The Doctor is in
Book an appointment with your favorite Autodesk cloud expert to get one-on-one help solving your Forge challenges.
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Grab coffee with Forge experts
Forge coffee break
The Forge Coffee Break is back in session! Join us in the virtual kitchen to share ideas and catch up with what teams are doing with Forge over coffee.
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Community spotlight
New customer story: Toshiba
Toshiba uses the Forge platform to centrally manage data for internal use and share and synchronize design information with customers over the internet.
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New System Integrator: PIRO CIE
PIRO CIE, an Autodesk Developer Network Partner, uses their knowledge of BIM and industrial processes combined with their IT skills to provide a variety of services to clients.
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Forge at AU 2020 recordings
Want to go back and relive some of your favorite Forge moments from Autodesk University? Check them out here.
Watch recordings from AU 2020
Upcoming events
Virtual Accelerators
Waldspirale Virtual Accelerator
Waldspirale - February 22-26
This Accelerator features a special focus on Autodesk Construction Cloud. Submit your application today.
14 seats available
Forbidden City Virtual Accelerator
Forbidden City - March 22-26
Build your Forge apps with direct help from Autodesk cloud experts in this virtual Accelerator.
30 seats available
Biringan City Virtual Accelerator
Biringan City - April 26-30
Build your Forge apps with 1-on-1, 24/7 access to the Forge team for one week in this virtual Accelerator.
30 seats available


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