6 Feb 2019

Forge Community News - January 2019

January 2019
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Latest Forge Updates - January 2019
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Forge platform updates, coding resources, and community announcements.
DevDays Online is here! Register today to reserve your spot.
Register today for DevDays Online
The Forge Partner Development team is hosting a series of webinars where you can learn more about Forge and where Autodesk is taking cloud and desktop developer tools in the coming year.
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Platform updates
BIM 360 API updates
Issues API, RFIs API, and Checklists API were added to the BIM 360 suite. Details in the blog below.
New BIM 360 APIs
Reality Capture API improvements
Updates to the Reality Capture API include improved point cloud and meshing engines, as well as orthoimage quality improvements and geolocation support for Infraworks.
More details
Design Automation API for Revit in public beta
For more information on getting started with the Design Automation APIs, the blog post below features some helpful resources.
Get started
Forge has many resources to help you code your applications. From upcoming Accelerators to code samples, we've got you covered.
Upcoming Accelerators
Build your Revit integrations in São Paulo.
São Paulo, Brazil – February 18-22
Build Revit integrations with the new Design Automation API.
2 Seats Left!
Build a Forge app in San Francisco.
San Francisco, CA - March 4-8
Work with Forge experts in San Francisco to build your applications.
12 Seats Left!
Build your Forge application in Dublin.
Dublin, Ireland - March 11-15
Spend the week in Dublin working with Forge experts to build your application.
9 Seats Left!
Latest code samples
  • Design Automation tutorial: AutoCAD, Inventor & Revit engines
  • Viewer release notes: v. 6.4
  • View Revit Grids in the 3D views of the Forge Viewer
  • Design Automation v3 on .NET package
  • TokenFlex NodeJS Report Webapp
  • TokenFlex Python Report Script
  • BIM 360 CSharp Issues
  • Design Automation 3ds Max NodeJS Basic
View all samples
News and events
Purchase Forge and renewals from the eStore
Customers in the US, Europe, and the UK can now purchase Forge using a credit card. Simply visit the Forge pricing page and click on the 'Visit E-Store' button to purchase.
Learn more
Building your Forge application on AWS Webcast
Join us on February 12 for a 60-minute webinar to learn everything you need to know to start building your Forge Node.JS web applications.
Register here
Upcoming Events
• February 4-8: Boston, MA Forge Accelerator
• February 12: Building your Forge application on AWS Online Webcast
• February 18-22: Sao Paulo, Brazil Forge Accelerator
• February 20-24: San Francisco, CA Developer Week
• February 26: DevDays Online Keynote
• February 27: DevDays Online Forge API Update
• February 28: DevDays Online Design Automation API
• March 5: DevDays Online BIM 360 product and API update
• March 4-8: San Francisco, CA Forge Accelerator
• March 11-15: Dublin, Ireland Forge Accelerator
• Mar 25-28: Sydney, Australia Forge Accelerator


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