9 Sep 2019

Design Automation Utility

If you're using Visual Studio Code, there is a utility (a VS Code plugin) you can use to interact with your buckets and files on OSS and your AppBundles, Activities, and Workitems in the Design Automation Service: Autodesk Forge Tools

Now we also have a web app which enables you to do the same - so you can choose either of them to achieve what you need ?
The one for interacting with buckets and files (https://oss-manager.autodesk.io/) has been around for a while, but the other working with Design Automation content is new: https://da-manager.autodesk.io/

Source code & readme: https://github.com/Autodesk-Forge/forge-designautomation-tools  

You can add the client_id and client_secret to the URL as query parameters, so you won't have to type them each time:
https://da-manager.autodesk.io/?client_id=<client id>&client_secret=<client secret>

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