31 Mar 2023

Copenhagen APS Sustainability Accelerator

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We held our first-ever Sustainability APS Accelerator last week, which took place at Ramboll's impressive office space in Copenhagen. We chose this city because it is widely recognized as a leading example of a sustainable city, with its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, promoting green transportation, and preserving green spaces. Some of the city's noteworthy sustainable practices include its cycling culture, green spaces, waste management, and renewable energy. One of my personal favorites is the sustainable food approach, as Copenhagen has a thriving local food scene that prioritizes organic farming and reducing food waste. By 2030, the city aims to source 90% of its food from organic and sustainable sources.


During the accelerator, we kicked off the event on a Sunday night with a delicious dinner at Pluto in Copenhagen, together with Autodesk Sustainability and my DAS teammates.

dinner ram inside

The next day, we started with an intro presentation and a boot camp that helped attendees develop a structured application for their projects. The room was filled with developers, and the excitement for being back on-site was palpable. On Tuesday, we started the day with a quick Scrum standup, where we heard from attendees about their blockers and provided resources to help them speed up their development.

adam mb

In the afternoon, we were visited by Jacqueline Rohrmann, also known as "That BIM Girl," who gave a presentation on her recent studies about sustainability in the AEC industry.

jacq code

That night, we hosted a celebration dinner, which provided a great opportunity for attendees to interact with each other and establish a collaborative environment for the upcoming days.

dinner 1 dinner 2

Wednesday featured a presentation from our colleague Kean Walmsley about his research on digital twins, which the attendees enjoyed, and the coding continued throughout the day.

kean philipp

Thursday marked the final day of development before the demos on Friday, and we were visited by Marta Bouchard, who talked about Autodesk POV & Carbon in AEC. This amazing presentation gave attendees insight into Autodesk's sustainability-focused work.

On Friday, we had demo day, where nine companies presented their projects with a focus on sustainability.



The focus was on "carbon calculation," but the POCs went far beyond that with impressive uses of the Viewer and 3rd party services like AWS Elasticsearch combined with APS, some impressive use of point clouds and model alignment and even a configurator in 2D for ships. 

demo1 demo2 demo3 demo4

Overall, it was an amazing week in Copenhagen, and we can proudly say that we have checked the first-ever sustainability APS Accelerator off our list. If you would like to join us at one of our upcoming events, be sure to check out our event locations.

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