2 Aug 2022

Call for private beta participation–Fusion Data APIs–Extensibility Feature

Fusion Data APIs

Autodesk is moving forward with its vision to provide the leading platform for Design and Make in the industry and we would like to invite you to participate in its design and evolution. Our new cloud information model for Manufacturing, called Fusion Data, was officially released to the public during the first half of this year! It includes granular and transparent data from the Fusion design that is much richer than what you could access before. The vision is to allow you to read, write, and extend your design model through cloud-based workflows. And all this without the need for desktop authoring applications like Fusion 360. Currently you can: 

  • Navigate hub project folders, into the design file, and all the way down to the Fusion 360 component properties 
  • Access the Bill of Materials of the CAD design by traversing the hierarchy of parts within the model 
  • Use webhooks to notify a server-based application and trigger a downstream workflow whenever a milestone is created. 

But we did not want to stop there. Given customer feedback from the first release, we wanted to add even more value to the Fusion Data model. We will now be focusing on “extensibility” and empowering you to write custom data back to the Fusion Data Model. 

So, we are excited to announce the launch of a ‘closed Private beta’ to test the Fusion Data - Extensibility feature, which allows users to write custom properties into the Fusion Data model. With the extensibility feature you can: 

  • Dynamically add and remove custom properties as key/value pairs within a namespace that is associated with the authoring application. 
  • Extend the Drawing and Component at a specific version (DrawingVersion, Component Version). 
  • Select GraphQL types from a standardized preset types (e.g., Boolean, String, Currency/Cost …) 

Duration of this Private Beta:   

  • Late Aug for ~ 8-10 weeks (i.e., about 2 and a half months) 

What can you expect during the event?  

  • We will provide documentation on the new feature, and it will be available through the documentation portal  
  • We will be sending out surveys throughout the event like the previous private beta program.  

NOTE: Custom data you add during the private beta will be purged at the end of the private beta. 

How to enroll?  
Please note that due to this being an ongoing development effort, we will not be able to accept a large number of participants in the Private beta. However, these features will be available to the larger audience at Public Beta.  

If you are interested in participating in the Private Beta, secure your seat by sending an email to forge.help@autodesk.com with the subject line “Interested in Fusion Data – Extensibility Private beta participation” with the following information: 

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail  
  • Company name 
  • Company URL 
  • Country (or time zone - in case we need to set up a call with you) 
  • Forge client Id 
    • [ hint: you will find this at https://forge.autodesk.com/myapps/]

After we receive your request, we will contact you with further information.  

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