17 Jan 2019

BIM360 HQ PATCH Project User API will remove access to other next generation new BIM360 modules

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Currently there is a limitation for the API PATCH BIM 360 Project User.


When the API was designed, we only support document_management and project_administration 2 modules. But now we are adding more new BIM360 modules including Project Management, Design Collabration, Field Management, Model Coordination .etc, unfortunately, all these new modules are not supported by this API yet, and also, if you call this PATCH API to update user's access level to document_management and project_administration modules, the access to other new BIM360 modules will be removed. Our engineering team is already ware of this and working on to improve as a whole.


For example: User Zhong Wu has admin access to BIM360 modules including Document Management, Project Administration, Project Management, Design Collabration, Field Management, Model Coordination, and also classic BIM360 Plan.

Zhong Wu's access lever before calling PATCH API

Let me call the PATCH API to update some info for the user(Zhong Wu) as follow:



You can see all the access to next generation new BIM360 modules(Project Management, Design Collabration, Field Management, Model Coordination) are removed, note that the classic BIM360 Plan is not impacted:

After PATCH API call


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