8 Nov 2023

App Publisher Spotlight - Xinaps

Cloud-based model checking for faster workflows, fewer errors

Poor project data is responsible for 22% of all construction rework in the United States, costing the industry more than $14 billion annually. It stands to reason that better project data reduces errors downstream and increases profitability. That’s a pretty good incentive for exploring ways to improve data at every project stage.  

Autodesk partners are developing solutions that optimize how you create, manipulate, and share model data, tackling some of the biggest pain points in project design and delivery. You can find these solutions in the Autodesk App Store. In this series, you’ll read about a few of the most popular, from early design to construction.  Meet Xinaps and see what they can do with construction data verification.

Moving from design to construction

Models and data continue evolving well after the design phase, as construction teams grab the baton. Among the first orders of business is to ensure the models, as designed, can be built. This is tedious business. 

Clash detection: Does the plumbing run into a structural element?  

Validation: Are all the windows in the right locations with the right details?  

Compliance: Do the doors meet size standards and swing in the right direction based on local laws? 

Verifi3D clash detection

Often these geometric and parametric checks happen manually by culling through spreadsheets, and updates are communicated via email—processes that are both inefficient and error-prone. Autodesk partner Xinaps saw an opportunity to move these workflows to the cloud and integrated with common data environment (CDE). Xinaps’ solution is Verifi3D, a CDE integration for model-checking workflows. 

“By plugging into a CDE like BIM 360 and/or Autodesk Construction Cloud, the data becomes a single source of truth,” said Hans de Kruijff, Chief Technical Officer, Xinaps. “Customers can use the powerful rule-based engine to instantly check for clashes in building designs and communicate to every stakeholder the same data at the same time without compromising the quality of the model data.” 

Verifi3D reports

With Verifi3D, Revit and IFC files can be uploaded and shared in your browser, where you can automate model coordination and data validation, create issues, send reports, and keep all models linked to a parent model in real-time.  

Early adopters like Buro Happold, TBI Hazenberg Bouw, Engie, Hilti and many others say they've seen immediate value.  

"When working on a large project in a big company, it is hard to stay up to date and work with the latest version of a model all the time,” said Alain Waha, CTO at Buro Happold. “Exceptional buildings require exceptional solutions. The cloud structure of Verifi3D overcomes these obsolete patterns more sustainably and elevates workflows to a different level.”  

Verifi3D Door detection

Model checking is the last line of defense before inconsistent data arrives on the construction site. But whether you’re at the end of the project lifecycle or near the beginning, opportunity abounds to improve your project data. You just might find a solution that works for you in our App Store.

Take a look at what our partners are building for you today.

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