25 Jun 2024

Access the App Store from Autodesk Forma

Autodesk App Store in Forma

How to access the App Store in Forma.

Say hello to App Store apps in Forma

Did you know that Autodesk Forma users are able to add extensions from the App Store directly in Forma?  It’s true! This powerful feature makes it even easier to expand and customize the Forma experience. At the click of a few buttons, Forma users can access amazing applications like FenestraPro Envelope Analysis for planning envelopes and facades, Naviate Outdoor Area for planning outdoor spaces, or Codesign Connection which lets end users integrate Codesign directly with Forma. 


New features of the App Store experience in Forma

So what’s new? We have improved and enhanced the user interface for the App Store experience in Forma. With the new and improved UI you can access more details about the App Store applications. Details like: 

  • Overview 

  • Features and benefits 

  • Support 

  • FAQ 

To access this feature in Forma you just go to add extension and then voila there are all the available, free apps that you can access. No need to visit the App Store. 


Why does this matter for developers?

Now when developers build apps using the Forma API and publish on the App Store they reach even more end users with their applications. The App Store already boasts 2 million downloads per year, and this is even additional traffic on top of that. So, if you are building an app for Forma consider publishing on the App Store.

With this new feature, the process is also streamlined. Publishers only submit to one place and changes are always kept in sync. Just click manage extensions directly in Forma then follow the steps to create an application. No need to go to the App Store when building with Forma APIs. 

Forma App Store experience for publishers

If you have questions about this and any other features for Forma users or developers working with Autodesk Forma visit the discussion boards on the Autodesk Community

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