12 Jan 2024

Your guide to the world of developing apps with Autodesk

Autodesk Developer Ecosystem

Trying to get your bearings in the world of app development in Autodesk? You've come to the right place! Whether your experience began yesterday or years ago, there's a whole system of support to help you be the best developer you can be. Being a software developer within the Autodesk ecosystem means that you have access to an entire community of devs from newbie to expert, across products, languages, successes and learnings. 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of partner programs, events, and other activities that you can join to increase your development opportunities, make connections and network with other partners, and jump start your business success with the Autodesk Platform.

One of the many benefits to developing with Autodesk Platform Services (APS) is that the possibilities are truly endless with web service and desktop APIs! And, of course, the access to the entire Autodesk ecosystem and community that comes along with it. 


Autodesk Dev Ecosystem


Partner Programs

There are a number of programs that partners in the Autodesk Ecosystem can join to gain valuable marketing opportunities, get access to peer experience, and further their own development goals. Whether you're looking to build integrations with the Autodesk Construction Cloud, extend the capabilities of the Autodesk suite with custom apps, increase your sustainability goals, or just get first dibs when it comes to events, there's a partner program for you!

Autodesk Platform Services Certified Partner program

The Autodesk team currently certifies companies with the ability to help third-party customers build or deploy APS solutions. Some of the benefits to being in the program are:

  • Lead referral
  • Featured website and newsletter content
  • Early access to beta programs
  • Marketing opportunities (social, email, events, etc.)

To learn more about the program requirements and to submit your application, visit the APS Certified Partner page.


ACC Integration Partner program

The Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Integration partner program extends the capabilities of the ACC platform and delivers increased productivity and value to mutual customers. The program offers not only developer access to ACC and technology support, but also includes go-to-market benefits to build awareness with customers. Partners collaborate closely with the ACC partner team to reach mutual customers and evangelize the value of this best-of-breed ecosystem of integrated solutions. 

With over 275 integration partners and more than 400 integrations, the ACC Integration Partner program is a robust ecosystem that offers multiple ways to integrate; direct API integrations, partner cards (i.e., iFrames) and middleware and iPaaS providers (e.g., ACC Connect).

To learn more, apply, or see the list of current partners, go here.


Sustainability Tech Partner program

The goal of the Sustainability Tech Partner program is to provide an ecosystem for sustainability services and data integrations on and with the Autodesk Platform. Joining the program provides some insights into future Autodesk development priorities for sustainability, technical support and training to get up and running, a technology framework with the Autodesk Platform, and more.

Learn more at the Sustainability Tech Partner program page here.


Autodesk Developer Network

Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) is a partnership program helping professional software developers worldwide develop and market high quality solutions based on Autodesk products and technologies.

ADN members span across industries, company types, and include commercial software companies, university researchers, hardware developers, and much more.

ADN Open resources are now available on the APS Developer portal. To learn more, visit the ADN information page here.


Autodesk App Store

Extend the capabilities of Autodesk software and accelerate workflows by providing off-the-shelf apps to Autodesk’s broad customer base. Whether you develop with desktop or cloud APIs or both, you can reach millions of potential customers by publishing your app in the App Store.

App publishers receive technical and marketing support, and are invited to partner with the App Store development team on key research activities.

Right now we are capturing a list of interested participants to join next year’s pilot program. If you’re interested, feel free to email the team here.


Dev events



Whether you're just starting out with learning code or a seasoned software developer, the Autodesk team hosts many different events throughout the year to support your learning and development. Keep an eye on the APS Events page for the latest updates and upcoming events.

Developer Bootcamp

The Autodesk Platform Services Online Bootcamp is a fully online training for software developers in the basics of APS development. Our developer advocates will live-code various APS applications and answer your questions as you follow their steps.

The next event will take place January 22-25, 2024 (Monday through Thursday), and will offer a new bonus session on the AEC Data Model API. You can either attend one day or all 4 days. Attendance is free of charge.

Learn more and sign up here.


Developer Accelerators

The APS Accelerator program is a week-long opportunity for developers to work intensively on a chosen project with help and support directly from the Autodesk Platform Services team.

Attend an Accelerator to network with industry experts and peers, exchange ideas, and build your proof of concept.

This is for anyone building with Autodesk APIs. Autodesk Platform Services has APIs and an app marketplace that allows you to tap into the design and engineering data and build applications on top of it.

Learn more and see the current schedule here.


Other Marketing Opportunities

Success stories

A great way to highlight some of the work third party developers have done with Autodesk Platform Services and the Autodesk Platform is to submit a success story that details the benefits of the solutions they've built to their customers. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, from smart manufacturing to the connected jobsite—the community of customers and partners are using Autodesk Platform Services to innovate in their industries.

View current success stories here.


Guest blogs

Some benefits to being active in the Autodesk partner ecosystem are the ability to contribute guest blogs that will be promoted on Autodesk web properties and social channels. These blogs typically showcase new features of solutions partners have built using APS services and APIs.

Here is an example of a recent guest blog from APS Certified Partner, CCTech.



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Social Media channels

Don't want to wait for once a month? Prefer to get the latest APS news as it happens? Whichever your preferred channel, you can find APS while you're browsing Twitter for the latest news, alongside your family's latest baby update on Facebook, or while browsing professional articles on LinkedIN. We're even on Instagram!


Find APS on X/Twitter at @AutodeskAPS


Find APS on Facebook at @AutodeskPlatformServices


Get in touch with Autodesk Platform Services leaders and active partners on LinkedIn at @AutodeskPlatformServices.

Some Autodeskers to follow:



There is an ever growing amount of content on the APS YouTube Channel that is a good mix of both technical and non-technical content. This is a great resource to see what is possible with APS as well as a great way to learn what others are doing with it. You can use the channel as a way to get new ideas and learn how others may have solved problems similar to the ones you are solving. Also any co-branded and joint marketing webinars that you would do with Autodesk could end up in this channel. 

Additionally keep in mind that YouTube, like LinkedIN, is a great marketing platform to increase awareness of your product and help your customers learn how to use your product more productively. 


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Get in touch

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