8 Nov 2017

What You're Going to Miss at Forge DevCon If You're Not Going (it's not too late)

The Autodesk Forge Developer Conference (Forge DevCon) is the largest gathering of design and engineering software developers in the world. This year we are partnering with Autodesk University (AU). No longer do you need to choose between DevCon and AU. You can do both. Forge DevCon will be held on Monday/Tuesday, November 13-14, 2017 at The Venetian Resort Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those attending, here's what to expect:


Attending Forge DevCon is an opportunity to accomplish things face to face - something that's not quite the same by watching a video or streaming a session remotely:


Although Forge is heavily attended by programmers, there's more to Forge than just code. Those who attend will get to personally network with other members of the Forge community:


As an event that precedes Autodesk University, Monday has its own dedicated day:


The keynote features a mix of Autodesk and Forge community members:


There will be a dedicated village where attendees can get answers to questions in person:


The day ends with a welcome reception:


On Tuesday, the Forge events are mixed with AU itself:


In addition to classes, the exhibit hall is an integral part of AU:


There are several AU exhibits that are powered by Forge:


Though The Village was Monday only, the information sharing continues as the AU Answer Bar has a Forge section:


There's also a Forge Partner Zone:


And what would any AU be without classes? There are around 45 Forge-related classes to select from:


I look forward to seeing you there. To register, visit Autodesk Forge DevCon Registration. For those already attending AU, Forge is only an extra $95.

Check out the resources and articles from the Forge and AU teams that will help you plan your trip:


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