15 Dec 2022

What is Autodesk Platform Services?

The Autodesk Platform

Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge) is Autodesk's cloud development platform - a set of web service APIs you can use to build innovative, cloud-powered applications. Check out the video to see what kinds of solutions you can build using the platform, and some examples of how companies are using Autodesk Platform Services (APS) to streamline and innovate how they work. To see how others have innovated with APS, view our Success Stories.



Whether you want to build solutions that automate processes, connect teams and workflows, or visualize your data, the platform can help you do that, and much more. Today, companies are using APS in all kinds of ways.

Community Autodesk Platform Services Projects

Companies of all sizes rely on Autodesk Platform Services to unlock their design and engineering data so they can improve collaboration and build new services to address today's connected customer.

How is Autodesk Platform Services Used?

Combining the platform's APIs, services and app marketplace with existing software systems allows you to be more innovative and effective with your data. Regardless of whether your industry is AEC (architecture, engineering & construction), product design & manufacturing or media & entertainment, APS is one, central platform that enables your digital transformation. See some of our highlighted tools below:

Viewer - Display designs on your website, customize the appearance of the viewer and enable your audience to interact with it.

Autodesk Construction Cloud - Develop apps that integrate with and extend capabilities across the entire ACC (Autodesk Construction Cloud) platform from design through operations.

Design Automation - Access the automation capabilities of Autodesk’s core products as cloud services.

Data Exchange - Power your workflows by connecting data between design and make apps.

The Benefits of Autodesk Platform Services

Autodesk Platform Services empowers you to utilize your data to improve working across your business and subsequently promote continued innovation. Built on a common data environment, the platform aims to allow you to connect your data, workflows, and teams by building applications with its powerful APIs. APS turns your challenges into opportunities, powers your decisions and simplifies your data experience, all from one platform.

Enjoy the benefits of a robust user community and support structure. With thousands of users actively developing on the platform there is so much cross functional knowledge to be gained. Then you can also tap into our roster of expert developer advocates to help you along your journey. 

See What Others Are Saying

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ofcdesk logo


“The beauty of this solution is its simplicity. The digital twin tracks and makes sense of thousands of assets in a way that no human can. This was a custom development, but it could easily be adapted to other ‘gig economy’ applications that have the same challenges with assets and model integrations.” - Sam Worthy, Project Director, Apex Circuit Design

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“Data on its own is useless. Using Forge to organize and surface data in the context of a model is what highlights the insights we produce that can transform processes. This is key to how we achieve the holy grail of construction: less cost and less carbon.” - Gideon Farrell, Co-Founder and CTO

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Apogea Consulting

“When you start with the Forge APIs, you immediately see that everything you need is covered.” - Manuel Romero, Developer Advocate


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