24 Oct 2017

Visit the Forge DevCon Village Monday

Forge DevCon at Autodesk University, Las Vegas, is a special event – a developer conference tucked into the world’s largest conference for design and engineering professionals.  

Part of this event includes the Forge DevCon Village, a separate exhibition hall open Monday only. The Village is where the Forge community comes together to connect with each other, talk with Forge Partners before and after classes, and get up close and personal with Forge Experts.


There are so many amazing things to catch at The Village.  Here’s a sample of what you can expect.


Welcome Center / Answer Bar

So many questions, so little time. That’s why we have a dedicated Forge Answer Bar in the Village, open ONLY to Forge DevCon attendees. Get exclusive time with Forge experts to work through your projects, solve challenges, or brainstorm your next great idea. The goal is to provide you with open access to Forge team leads. And if you don’t have enough time to hash through everything that’s on your mind, we’ll set up post-event time with you to make sure you have the support and expertise you need.


Forge Reality Playground

Augmented and Virtual Reality is everywhere you turn. If you haven’t tried it out, it’s a great thing to test at Autodesk University. At the Forge Village, we are trying to take a different approach to mixed reality. The setup will be familiar but the good stuff is in the content. The playground will feature a variety of AR & VR applications that have been created using the new AR/VR Toolkit that will launch at the event. We want you to really see what is possible and within reach. Test out experiences that can easily be deployed with Forge solutions and learn how easy it is to use create applications for AR & VR. Test experiences today that you can quickly build tomorrow.


Meet the Forge Community

Forge Partners



Collaboration Stations

Seated areas, or collaboration stations as we like to call them, will be sprinkled throughout the Village. Some stations will have charging capabilities, whiteboards, and other goodies to foster discussion and ideation. We encourage you to use these spaces to collaborate, discuss what you’ve learned, or simply network. The Village is the spot to huddle with teams and plan your time on the ground. In fact, the Forge Village is THE HUB for Forge DevCon on Monday and is your go-to spot for snacks, shirts, a good seat, and some great information.


We can’t wait to see you at the event this year. And it’s not too late to get tickets. Here are your options for buying a pass to Forge DevCon:

  • Purchase a ticket to Forge DevCon through the AU registration process.
    • You can select the combined ticket, which includes AU and Forge DevCon, for only $1,845 (AU Early Bird rate is $1,750 and increases to $2,175 on October 16th, so the combined pass will be $2,270 after that time)
    • Or you can purchase Forge DevCon standalone for $295.
  • Already have a ticket to AU and want to add Forge DevCon? No problem.


See you at the Village!

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