25 Jul 2018

Viewer Release Notes: v6.0

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NOTE: This release includes breaking changes described below. As a workaround, affected users may append version number to href and src tags to stay with an earlier version, such as ?v=3.3.*


  • Performance improvement for PDF loading.  Stops id pass for leaflet files.
  • Performance: Delay setting light presets until we have a model. This avoids loading and decoding environment maps when displaying 2D models.
  • Improved getScreenShot to allow arbitrary size screenshots. (BREAKING CHANGE: See Removed section below for details.)

   Viewer Canvas  (350px x 400px)               


canvas 1

  getScreenShot (350, 400)

canvas 2

   **getScreenShot (3500,4000)**             

canvas 1 hugh


 **Blow-up of getScreenShot(3500,4000)**

 canvas 2 blowup


  • Optional params to facilitate multi-viewport rendering.
  • Vertex array objects default to false on mobile devices to save memory
  • Autodesk.BIM360.Extension.PushPin
  • Autodesk.SplitScreen extension
  • Allow panning with middle button when editing markup
  • Add layerOrder support
  • Added viewer.impl.cancelLeafletScreenshot() to cancel time-consuming PDF screenshots
  • Added api endpoints for EMEA (eu)


  • viewer.getScreenShotBuffer(). Please use viewer.getScreenShot(), instead.
  • window.Hammer removed in favor of Autodesk.Viewing.Hammer


  • rayintersection fixes for aggregated views
  • fragmentList.getOriginalWorldBounds() no longer crashes in 2D
  • Better handling of Scalaris files without stress data
  • Text markup is cut after saving
  • Improve signaling of markup creation end
  • Use getCameraUpVector() in viewer state
  • issues with Moldflow visualization extension seen in Edge/IE11
  • Unable to load certain files from modelderivative/v2/ endpoint

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