23 Aug 2017

Viewer Release Notes: v2.17

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A) Memory Limit ON by default


The problem this feature is aiming to address is that construction models can contain so much geometry data that the browser doesn't have enough memory access to allocate all of it, resulting in the browser crashing.

To address this problem, in Viewer version 2.15 we introduced the Memory Management Options feature.

This feature allows Viewer consumers to specify a memory budget for the Viewer to work with. The specified budget limits the amount of memory the Viewer will use for geometry data allocation.

This release includes the Memory Limit feature enabled by default.

How it works

By default, the memory limit the Viewer will set is

Desktop 600 MB
Mobile 195 MB



Developers can still override these values:

var config3d = {
    memory: {
        limit: 1024 // in MB
var viewer = new Autodesk.Viewing.Viewer3D(container, config3d);
viewer.loadModel( modelUrl );

In addition, we are exposing a URL parameter that overrides all other memory limit settings:


To check whether the viewer is making use of the memory limit feature, look into:


If it returns null, then the specified memory limit is enough to contain all the geometry data in memory.

Else, it will return an object with additional memory data, such as:

  "limit": 20,
  "effectiveLimit": 22.238370895385742,
  "loaded": 24.898095417022706

B) Model Browser UI

The look and feel of the Model Browser browser remains the same.


However, changes have been made under the hood.

Reduced Memory Consumption

The first set of changes aimed at reducing memory consumption on very large models.

Here's an example of a Model that has 1,582,736 nodes available on the Model Browser. This is one of the largest models we use for our tests.


UX changes

Clicking on nodes in the Model Browser will now perform a different action.


Some other changes include:

  • Removed the root node of the Model Browser.
    • To access properties of the root node, open the Property Panel without any selection.
  • Opening the Context Menu will retain any selection currently in place. Clicking away will only result in the Context Menu getting closed.




  • Fixed issue where Fusion 360 background color would not propagate correctly to the Viewer
  • Fixed issue where the Properties Panel would not update its content after changing model selection
  • Fixed issue where measurement precision was incorrectly rounding up
  • Reduce excessive analytics requests during model initialization

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