30 Mar 2017

Viewer Release Notes: v2.14

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No breaking changes.  

Improved Time To First Pixel for Fusion Models


When the Viewer loads Fusion Models, these usually are associated with their corresponding Topology data. Until version 2.13, the Topology data would get downloaded and processed before any geometry data gets rendered on the 3D canvas. From this version forward, the Topology data file will no longer gets downloaded during initial load time. Instead, the Topology file will still get downloaded as soon as the Measure Panel is opened for the first time. End users will be able to perform non-topology enhanced measurement while the Topology file is being downloaded.


A new method as been added to the Model object. It is invoked by the Measure Extension.

viewer.model.fetchTopology(); // returns a Promise that resolves when the topology data is available in memory

The method model.hasTopology() still holds the same meaning: Topology data is available in-memory.  


Model Derivative API support

The Viewer, by default, communicates with Autodesk's /viewingservice/v1/.

This update allows developers to have the Viewer communicate directly with the Model Derivative API.

How to use

var initOptions = Autodesk.Viewing.createInitializerOptions(); // Added in 2.13
initOptions.api = 'modelDerivativeV2';
Autodesk.Viewing.Initialize( initOptions.api, onSuccess );

Why should you use it?

Model Derivative API fully supports loading models referenced by the Data Management API.  Previously, developers would have to add the following request headers for the Viewer to fetch the referenced model data:

// No longer needed for accessing Models referenced by the Data Management API.
Autodesk.Viewing.HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS['x-ads-acm-namespace'] = 'WIPDM';
Autodesk.Viewing.HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS['x-ads-acm-check-groups'] = 'true';

These 2 lines above are not necessary when the Viewer is configured to communicate with the Model Derivative API.


  • Fixed issue where config.wantInfoButton had no effect
  • Fixed issue where Measure and Markup snapper (green big dot) would snap to the Viewer's edges
  • Fixed issue with Consolidation where Point and Line primitives types didn't render correctly
  • Fixed null pointer reference issue when unloading a model
  • Fixed issue where a section plane would remain visible when isolation was active
  • Fixed issue in Measure Panel where the measurement's precision would sometimes not match the one specified
  • Fixed First Person Drag Mode dialog message
  • Fixed issue with setting "Reverse mouse zoom direction"
  • Fixed issue where undoing an arrow markup would invert its direction
  • Fixed issue where loading Autodesk.Viewing.ZoomWindow extension would result in having 2 Zoom buttons in the toolbar UI


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