6 Dec 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 7.8



Release Date: 2019-12-5


  • Viewer3D.lockVisible(dbids, lock, model) - Keep visibility ON despite having parent dbIds OFF.
  • Viewer3D.lockExplode(dbids, lock, model) - Prevent specific dbIds from reacting to the explode operation.
  • Viewer3D.lockSelection(dbIds, lock, model) - Prevent specific dbIds from getting selected and highlighted.
  • BimWalk extension’s Toggle Gravity UI checkbox available in Settings Panel.
  • Support for options.env values FluentProductionEU and FluentStagingEU.
  • When entering and leaving the measure mode, Viewer fires new events: Autodesk.Viewing.MeasureCommon.Events.MEASUREMENT_MODE_ENTER and Autodesk.Viewing.MeasureCommon.Events.MEASUREMENT_MODE_LEAVE.


  • BubbleNode.getPlacementTransform and BubbleNode.getHash functions have been deprecated.


  • Vector-PDF not supported in Europe
  • viewer.setView() did not work for georeferenced models
  • Improved and simplified directed zoom in Minimap
  • Keyboard processing issues with multiple viewers side-by-side
  • LevelExtension: LevelsPanel button not appearing if toolbar was not ready
  • RenderContext: depthWrite was not always updated correctly for depthMaterials
  • While using Viewer3DImpl.syncCamera, the camera was not consistently updated
  • Always load the dbId mapping file


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